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Happy Friday

Another Friday has rolled around 🙌🏽 and it’s super sunny where I am.


What does everyone have planned for the weekend? 

I have today off so i’ve got everything I need to build a table so I’m outside in the sunshine getting everything I need ready. 🌞


Classic me to be building something on my days off. 



Re: Happy Friday

Happy Friday to you as well, @Saltwaterdreamtime!! Smiley Happy


Hmmm... my housemate is going away for the weekend and I am going to miss her, but I'm also really happy because I'll be seeing my dog, my cat, my parents and my brothers.

I MIGHT be going to a book club tomorrow, but haven't made up my mind yet Smiley Happy  

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Re: Happy Friday

Happy (belated) Friday!

That sounds awesome @Saltwaterdreamtime and @letitgo!

Today, I stayed at home and slept in because I haven't been feeling well for the past few days. I'm going to play some games later. Tomorrow, I'm going to visit my sister in hospital and see some other family members. If she's up for it, we'll play some more games together.


Re: Happy Friday

Sounds good! I hope you all had lovely weekends. I went to a wedding which was fun (and inside thankfully)

Re: Happy Friday

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Smiley Very Happy


The family will be coming over to our house for dinner on Sunday night, but apart from that I haven't got any plans. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend! Smiley Happy


Re: Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

Sounds like a fantastic weekend in store for you @mrmusic!

What have you got planned for this weekend? Would love to hear from others too!

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