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I don't understand how this works at all.  Have I posted something?


Re: Hello

This is me replying to me. If you can't ensure decent traffic, ditch the forums. In my position, when I have finally made the decision to engage, the fact that there is no one to engage with is even more of a downer - shut this shit down or staff it!

Re: Hello

Hey, how are you?

Re: Hello

Hi @Skeptik 


Thanks for reaching out… sorry you're frustrated. ReachOut isn't a "staffed" forum in the same way a web chat like Kids Helpline has counsellors on staff. These forums are a space for young people to hang out and share thoughts and experiences with other young people about life and everyday issues in a positive and helpful way. It's about young people supporting young people; not one-to-one counselling.


In terms of traffic, these things take time to grow. Smiley Happy


So anyway, what's up? What did you want to talk about? 

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Hello @Skeptik !

It might be a bit confusing at first, but you'll soon get your head around it all. 

Welcome to Reach Out Smiley Happy

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Hey bro,


Maybe you just popped in at a quiet time?
I think you'll find that the more you say, the more people will reply (that's just what I've noticed). idk man.


How're you going?


Re: Hello

Yep I would also just add that if you did want an immediate chat with someone - try the Kids Helpline webchat or the eHeadspace webchat....

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