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Hey RO! :D

Hey there! 

You're an amazing and beautiful person.


How's your day so far? (or if you're like me, what are you gunna do today? lol ) Smiley Happy 

I'm currently talking to my girlfrinend and drinking a coffee as of now. About to upload some music to my tablet and go to the place where my mates and I hang out and fix it up a bit. Last week someone got in and stole all our stuff and trashed it and left rubbish everywhere.



Re: Hey RO! :D

Hey @RandomName


That really sucks about your mates hang out spot!! How did you go getting the place back in order?

Its really cool that you are your mates have a communal hang area - me and my mates have a communal thing too -  its our station wagon that we all put money into and share to take on trips and stuff, except it currently doesnt have functioning brake lights so best we don't take it anywhere until someone coughs up the money.


Today I skateboarded down to Ceres Environment Park with my dogs, we did a bit of exploring and had a really nice time except I almost found out why dogs should no be allowed near chickens, thankfully there were no incidents.   Then I went to my favourite smoothie/juice place on the way home via my favourite look out. It was a beautiful day. Now its pouring and I'm a tiny bit happy because that means I will probably get to sleep in tomorrow instead of work.

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Hey RO! :D

Aye @j95 , Smiley Happy

Well I went up to woolworths to get some chips and drinks and it was SUPER windy on the way back so I didn't really wanna risk climbing down cliffs haha. Then lucky enough I didn't, it started raining about an hour later for ages. (Usually I bring a heap of my camera equipment down there to get some awesome sunset shots like this - )

Ah that's unfortunate. Depending on what's broken, globes are quite easily replaceable, apparently. and quite cheap from what I've seen.

Good on ya for enjoying the sun today while it was out. I slept until about 10 minutes before I posted this thread so I missed most of the less-windy parts of today. It was still warm though for the majority of the day. Smiley Happy
What type of dog do you have? My dads is a Rhodesian (omg I finally spelled that right!) ridge back. and he's friken huge and pretty much has a go every dog he sees unless it's a Golden retriever for some reason.

aw you're lucky. The only time I get a day off school is if it's over 42 degrees I believe. (or something like that anyway)

-Goodnight Smiley Happy