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Hi everyone

How are you guys? My name is Cindy, from Australia. Would love to get to know everyone on here! Smiley Happy thankyou! Mwah! Smiley Happy




Re: Hi everyone

Hi Rubyscube,

Welcome to RO, glad to have you here! Smiley Very Happy

Just wanted to say that it's great to want to get to know folks on here as much as possible, but also a friendly reminder that we do try to keep everything here anonymous so everyone can feel safe to share Smiley Happy

You can check out the full community guidelines here:

Enjoy RO!


Re: Hi everyone

Hey Cindy, it's cool that you joined:3 I haven't been on RO for very long either but everyone on the forums is so caring and understanding and sometimes I just love to read all the supportive replies
I also love music, like I honestly don't know what I'd do without it, I quite possibly wouldn't be here if it weren't for music, hbu? what kinda music do you like? Hobbies?Smiley Happy