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Re: How has your day been?

The soccer team was only for regional trials so it was over about a month ago. The debating topic is that water is more precious than gold. Cool music choices. I tend to not listen to the newest hits and I know its controversial but I don't really like Ed Sheeran. I've got to go for a little while so have a nice evening. Smiley Tongue

Re: How has your day been?

That is a pretty good debating topic. Affirmative or Negative?


I don't like Ed Sheeran either. Smiley Tongue


Ok Bye! 


Hopefully we can chat again soon! Smiley Very Happysource





Re: How has your day been?

Hey! Guess who's back again!giphy



My day has actually been quite boring. Since of school! 

In the morning I decided to do Middle Distance Training! Probably one of the worst decisions I have made in my life! NEVER AGAIN!CloudyRegularDachshund-max-1mb


But when I came home I checked my emails and found that I had been payed my first payslip!!!giphy



I also feel lately that I have been making progress on building friendships with the girls at my school, finally after like two years of being there.


Am now procrastinating, since I am supposed to be studying for maths but..... yeah


Feel free to write about your day here, cause I'd love to hear about it! Or if you just want to chat I am here...mostly




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