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How's everyone's day going?

I thought i'd create a thread where people can share their daily doings, any accomplishments, worries or just things they would like to get off their chest. It can be a simply "good. i went to the groceries and got chocolate yay" to "omg im so stressed about exams. i literally was doing 500 papers today". it can however long or short


i noticed a lot of my friends who i videochat just like to vent haha so maybe this is the perfect excuse!!


alright i'll start - today was off to a good start. went out for a jog/run (haven't been on one for AGESS) and i never realised how much that was linked to anxiety. i was having random anxiety feelings throughout the day this past week and just going for a 20 min run hasn't made me feel anxious at all today. i'm also excited to redraft my script that i'm hoping to shoot into a short film next year Smiley Happy)) also, i am excited/worried about whether or not i'll be accepted into honours next year. just waiting for that reply Smiley Surprised

Re: How's everyone's day going?

Great idea for a thread, thanks @wanderingwasp ! I also find that exercising is massively linked to anxiety for me, but it's like when I'm stressed or run down I somehow forget just how big an impact it has? I've been unwell so haven't been able to exercise as much as usual and have noticed what a huge impact it has on my mood. I had a long walk this morning and feel a million times better for it! 


Good luck with honours! I hope you find out very soon - keep us posted! 


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Re: How's everyone's day going?

Great thread @wanderingwasp! Smiley Happy It's so cool that you're into filmmaking. I also want to be more active. I'll try to go for a walk after volunteering later on in the week.
I hope you get accepted into Honours! Smiley Happy

I had to wake up early because my sister had a home neurophysio appointment. Whenever the neurophysio tried to move her legs she screamed. But I went back to sleep afterwards.
We also played the Super Mario 3D All Stars Collection and watched a movie. My sister loves Mario so we convinced her to do some things in Super Mario Sunshine. She can play a bit with the controller, which is good because she has problems with one of her hands and we're trying to get her to use it more. I think it's because Mario is a familiar task for her and the game distracts her.
My grandma had an appointment today and everything was good! Smiley Happy
I'm looking forward to some things I have planned later on in the week.

Re: How's everyone's day going?

Good luck with honours @wanderingwasp! I'm also anxiously waiting to get my results back (just for uni exams, it's gonna be a while until I get to apply for honours Smiley Tongue). And because of you guys I'll go for a run later and see how much better I'll feel!


Today I finally woke up when my alarm went off and actually had breakfast. I did some work and made yummy meatball pasta. Now I'm munching on an ice cream sandwich and I'll make art later today. My hardest decision right now is whether to make soup or more pasta for dinner!

Re: How's everyone's day going?

Love this thread @wanderingwasp 


My day has only just started but so far, so good! Have a few classes today and a meet up with a club i joined in my uni! I finished my last uni assignments yesterday and i'm just looking forward for this trimester to be over so i can hang out with my friends and take some day trips!

Re: How's everyone's day going?

Taking day trips sounds like so much fuuun. I've only been on one and it was very spontaneous and it was the best time


Alright so it's 10pm right now and I thought I'd do one:

Today was good. I've been feeling a bit better because I've been less focused on my dissociation and I've been doing more things despite not working or studying in covid Smiley Surprised

Had volunteering today which was good and felt good afterwards because of social interaction Smiley Happy) then watched a doco called three identical strangers which is both exciting and such a tragedy omg


I think something i'm proud of is exercise. I've been doing it consecutively for the third day now and I feel good about it. Thanks endorphins Smiley Happy also did a quick sketch with pastels and they look cute. I'd love to decorate my living space with more arts and crafts

Re: How's everyone's day going?

Love this thread idea @wanderingwasp! My day's been good so far, I've just chilled with my pets and listened to music while writing some essays Smiley Happy A bit worried about going into work later today though as customers haven't been the nicest lately, but I know it won't be too bad once I get into it! Hope everyone else's days are going well Heart

Re: How's everyone's day going?

Hello everyone! My day has actually been really good. I took the morning off - did some painting, baking, and watched some stuff on Netflix. It's pretty cold outside so I took advantage of the indoors.

Re: How's everyone's day going?

@wanderingwasp  cheers for starting this thread.


Today has been good, I have lots of things planned so that's nice! I'm going for a walk and making burgers with those nice brioche buns you find in cafes, I've been craving them!



Re: How's everyone's day going?

Aw this gif is so cute Smiley Happy


Haven't posted in a while. Lots of new things are happening ahhh I've got potentially two tutoring jobs lined up for the first time which is nerve wrecking and then I am starting a new vce volunteering position as well soon Smiley Surprised


But today has been alright. I feel a little spacey but I think it's cos of lack of sleep. I'm excited to try a parfait recipe and eat healthier sugar alternatives hehe. Been pretty active today in terms of doing stuff but I want more time to write my script but also kinda putting it off