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I'm bored

 Hi, my name is Nevaeh. And it's 1:00am here and I was supposed 2 b goin 2 sleep, but I'm way 2 bored 2 go 2 sleep.😄


Re: I'm bored

Ah, I've totally been there @Nevylou. I've gotten so used to staying up late working on uni stuff that sometimes I just end up staying up because I feel like I should be awake...even when I'm not doing anything.


That said - and I'm sorry to be calling you out like this- but Reachout is a forum for just 14-25 year old Australians Smiley Sad . We'd really love to provide young people with support internationally as well, but unfortunately there's only so many mods around, and furthermore as a primarily Australian forum, we might not be able to put you in touch with the best resources if things come to that. If you'd like though, we could help direct you to other services where you can get support (or just chat with other young people) closer to where you are - is that something you would be interested in?