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I'm gratfeul for...

...our volunteer moderators!


Today is International Volunteer Day, and it's an excellent opportunity for me (on behalf of the Inspire Foundation) to thank the wonderful work of our amazing moderators (previously known as cheersquad).


Without our volunteer mods, this community wouldn't be safe and supportive - they help us help hundreds of thousands of young people every year. They all do it because they are committed to the mission of Inspire: to help young people live happier lives. They inspire me each and everyday, and I am grateful to them for all that I have learned from them: I respect their dedication and their passion.














this is jess


Some of our mods are graduating out of the program next week and we will be getting 8 new mods who I will introduce you all to next week....


Inspire Foundation is also thankful to all of our Youth Ambassadors whose tireless volunteer work ensures that we remain Australia's leading online youth mental health service.


So, to all out volunteers: THANK YOU!!!!!!!

PS: Benefits of gratitude


Online Community Manager

Re: I'm gratfeul for...

Thanks guys! You're all amazing and make RO a great (and safe!) place to hang out Smiley Very Happy

Re: I'm gratfeul for...

Seconded! Super grateful to all the wonderful volunteers who donate their time to We are really lucky to have such talented and passionate young people making safe and fun! Thanks guys :smileyvery-happy:

Re: I'm gratfeul for...

Awww. This is lovely.


I think that most of us (all of us?) see it as just a part of our everyday life now and it's not something we have to even think about doing, because we love doing it so much!!!


If the community wasn't so amazing it would be much harder, so I am thankful for all of you guys who make it so much easier to come on here and hang out! How cool is it that we are volunteering just by chatting to awesome young people from all over the country!!? Best volunteering experience EVER!!

Re: I'm gratfeul for...

Agreed with MM - reachout is a part of my everyday life, & I think it's pretty awesome that we can volunteer & help make a difference by doing something as enjoyable as hanging out on the forums & talking to people! I'm continually amazed by all the wonderful people on the forums, so thankyou to all our community members who make this an awesome place to be!