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Re: In 2018 I want to...

Hey @May_!

Good luck with your driving confidence! Oh gosh I was on my L's for 5 years and even when I got my red P's I was too nervous to drive! Fast forward to now and I'm actually quite a confident driver :smiley surprised: (which to be honest I never thought would happen!). Take your time and the more you drive, the more comfortable you will be! 

I really like your list Smiley Happy

Re: In 2018 I want to...

Hi @scared01!

You're showing a lot of self-awareness. It's really important to take care of yourself. It's really good that you recognise that you want to be stable Smiley Happy

That's so true! I'm totally the same. Some days I get kind of lazy…but then some days I'm so motivated and I can get so much work done! 



Re: In 2018 I want to...

@missep I'm applying for clinical psych and education and developmental psych masters! Omg I know it seems to be so competitive everywhere, but I bet it's particularly bad in Sydney Smiley Frustrated Luckily for me I'm not really tied to anywhere at the moment so I'm literally applying to every course in the country haha hello 40+ masters applications Smiley Mad



Re: In 2018 I want to...

@Autumn23 @missep


I am still in my undergrad of psych, and it terrifies me how competitive it is to get into postgrad...


I think we might need to make a support thread for all the psych students on here ahah!

Re: In 2018 I want to...

My goals for 2018:


1. Move in with my boyfriend

2. Complete my double degree at university 

3. Complete my advanced diploma in Japanese Language

4. Book another holiday (Hopefully to Japan again)

5. Continue working and volunteering


Next year, is going to be a super big year! 


Re: In 2018 I want to...

Those are some awesome goals @Karinaskii!

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.

Re: In 2018 I want to...

@missep haha aw same it had been over 4 years of Ls for me Smiley Tongue The only reason I booked in the driving test instead of putting it off for longer is because my hazards test was about to expire! Good to hear you are a confident driver now Smiley Happy

Re: In 2018 I want to...

@Karinaskii support thread for psych students sounds like a good idea!!

Re: In 2018 I want to...

love the thread @missep! I went Japan with my partner this year, and it was amazing, you'll definitely enjoy yourself Smiley Happy


In 2018, I want to:

- complete my masters (If i get inSmiley Frustrated)

- have a job with my undergrad degree 

- save, save, savee!!

Re: In 2018 I want to...

In 2018 I want to...


- complete my teaching placements so I can officially graduate from my uni course.

- go on this volunteer work trip for 2 months overseas

- start the payment plan for my treatmemt plan to get braces

- start doing CRT (casual-relief teaching)

- Make a plan to somehow do fulltime sports coaching within schools and get paid for it.