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Re: In 2018 I want to...

@smileymiley those are some awesome goals! What're you planning on studying at uni?

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Re: In 2018 I want to...

Thank you!! I was thinking about going back to psychology or trying out primary education, but I haven't quite decided yet. 

Re: In 2018 I want to...

That's a great list @smileymiley!

I'm so glad you want to focus on taking care of yourself Smiley Happy

Thinking about going to uni is such an exciting thing! 

Re: In 2018 I want to...

I've been thinking about this the last few days since seeing the thread, and without even reading others' posts (I will after Smiley Tongue) my goals are
1. I want to study again. I enjoy studying and I think it will break up my time while I job search (If I haven't already been hired) But also the course I want to do is in the field I want to be in - Admin / Financial Accounts of the business. That's the area I want to be in. It's what I really want. It's taken me a while, but finally, 4 years after finishing school I've found my career path! Smiley Very Happy
But in saying that I do NOT regret the decisions and choices I made, they have helped shape who I am! Smiley Happy

2. I want to further expand within my photography. I'm getting some great feedback and my insta account is blowing up and gaining followers daily / every posting session! It's a hobby and something I love, but I am also up for free-lance work which I've already picked up to date! Smiley Very Happy

3. I want to in a place where I feel confident in myself and abilities, which I'm working on in therapy and with my job search agency right now.

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Re: In 2018 I want to...

Go you @Bee!

This is an awesome list. 

I wish you the best of luck for it! Smiley Happy

Re: In 2018 I want to...

@missep thank you! I am going to inquire about the study this week... If I get around to it LOL

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: In 2018 I want to...

In 2018 I want to....


- Practice 'balance' in my life - with social activities, uni, work, family, self-care.

- Go on a yoga retreat

- Book a holiday to Africa to see all the amazing wildlife !

- Continue to practice self-acceptance and be open and flexible to new experiences

Re: In 2018 I want to...

That's awesome @pinkskies!
Balance is so important, it's something I have to enact myself!
African safaris are the dream! Seeing all those wild animals would be amazing