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In 2018 I want to...

Hey guys!

I know it's only September but I think it would be a nice idea to think about something you really want to do in 2018! 

I'll start off with a few things Smiley Happy 


In 2018 I want to:

- Finish my thesis 

- Travel to Japan with my boyfriend

- Apply for postgraduate studies 



Re: In 2018 I want to...

Cool thread @missep!! Though I must admit it equally freaks me out that it's almost 2018... 




In 2018 I want to:

- be studying Masters (if I get in eeeeekk Smiley Frustrated)

- continue travelling in my caravan (back up plan Smiley Wink)

- learn how to kitesurf

- spend more time with my little sister Heart 



Re: In 2018 I want to...

What an awesome idea! In 2018 i want to:

- pick up a new sport
- hopefully find a new job
- get good grades at uni

I'm sure I have heaps more so i'm glad that you made this post! It'll promote me to think more about it Smiley Happy

Re: In 2018 I want to...

in 2018 i want to:

1. keep undertaking my online courses possibly a cert 3 in aged care

2. be  more mentally stable

3. remain completly SH free

4. no more hospital admissions

5. complete my trauma section of my therapy

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Re: In 2018 I want to...

Great list @scared01, and great thread @missep!


In 2018 I want to...


1. Travel to Italy

2. Possibly do masters (if I get in!)

3. Continue working and volunteering

4. Possibly start dating/find a boyfriend (socialising is sooo difficult! Smiley Frustrated)

5. Finish writing a novel/manuscript

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Re: In 2018 I want to...

I don't really know what I want in 2018, I don't really plan that far ahead.

I would like to pass all my uni classes though, maybe be riding again and feel better.

Re: In 2018 I want to...

Awesome thread! In 2018 I'd like to...


1. Move in with my boyfriend

2. Find (and keep!) a part-time job with more stable hours

3. Continue to go to therapy and make my mental health a priority

4. Keep working hard to get good marks in uni

5. Possibly travel overseas for the first time (I'm thinking maybe NZ?)

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Re: In 2018 I want to...

That's awesome @Autumn23

What kind of Masters course are you looking into? 

I'm looking into doing a Psych Masters but it's so competitive in Sydney :'( 



Re: In 2018 I want to...

Thanks @basketofmonkeys!

What kind of sports are you thinking of starting? 

Yay! I'm glad that you found this post to be useful! I'm the same! I always feel motivated when I know what my plans/goals are Smiley Very Happy 


Re: In 2018 I want to...

Hi @scared01!

Thank you for sharing your list Smiley Very Happy 

That's really good that you have these things in mind. We'll always be here to support you in your journey Smiley Happy

That's great you're doing an online course! My course is completely online too! How are you finding it?