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Re: In 2018 I want to...

Hey @Autumn23!

That's so awesome! You'll increase your chances tenfold by doing that, so that's great! I have no doubt that you'll get tons of offers Smiley Very Happy 

Maybe some Skype interviews too! (I imagine that if I had a Skype interview I would wear a professional top but paired with pj pants haha) 

Re: In 2018 I want to...


Support thread for psych students seems like such a good idea!! Should we make one? 

I used to be terrified of the competitiveness too but in the end I tell myself that 'whatever is meant to be, will be'. Plus nowadays they are introducing more flexible pathways which is a big weight off of all our shoulders! 

Re: In 2018 I want to...

I really like your list @Karinaskii!

Are you fluent in Japanese? Smiley Surprised That is so awesome! 

I love Japan too! It's honestly probably my favourite place to travel! 


Re: In 2018 I want to...

@May_ haha I relate so much! I only booked my P's test because my L's were about to expire and then I rushed to get them! 

Thank you! If I can do it, anyone can! Smiley Very Happy Seriously at first I used to get so anxious but driving to the places I felt comfortable and slowly branching out made a huge difference! 


Re: In 2018 I want to...

Thanks @honky!

I'm so glad you had an amazing time in Japan Smiley Very Happy 

I'm actually half-Japanese so it really feels like my other hometown Smiley Very Happy I'm addicted to going Smiley Very Happy 

Great list by the way! 

Good luck with saving! I'm trying to save now too! It's quite satisfying to hit your goals! 


Re: In 2018 I want to...

Great list @mspaceK!

It sounds like you have some really important goals in your list! 

I wish you the best of luck Smiley Very Happy 

Where is the volunteer work trip? That sounds really interesting! 

Re: In 2018 I want to...

@missep in America. Smiley Happy I have to wait to get accepted. Still in the process of doing my application. 

Re: In 2018 I want to...

Good luck with it @mspaceK!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: In 2018 I want to...

In 2018 I want to...


1. Go overseas again

2. Get into (and decide on) postgrad

3. Make at least one new friend

4. See my friends and family more regularly

5. Get my Ps/learn to drive

Re: In 2018 I want to...

In 2018 I want to....


-Meet someone special

-Have a job

-Keep on top of my mental health/physical health 

-Meet new people and make new friends

-Be the best person I can be