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Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

Hello forum friends Smiley Very Happy How are you all going?


Whoops we may have lost the November thread there but we're back in time for DECEMBER!! Where did the year go?



1. What are your favourite things about summer?


2. What are you most looking forward to for the end of the year?


3. How would you sum up your 2020 in a sentence?


4. How will you look after yourself over the holidays?


5. What's the best thing you've discovered this year? (it could be a genre of music, a new food, something about yourselves, etc.)

Bought "The Neverending Story" on blu-ray today. This movie can still make  me: - Album on Imgur


6. When and why did you join the forums? What's your favourite thing to do on here?


Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

Just tagging some new users who might like to introduce themselves Smiley Happy

@priyaaaa  @ferdie22 @Kdang33  @Kinkin 


We also have a new RO team member @Kaylee-RO -I'm unsure if you would like to introduce yourself here too Smiley Happy

Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

Hi all! Thank you for having me. 


1. My favourite thing about summer is when it ends hahahaha, I really love the winter seasons and cool weather!! But hm, I usually enjoy summer because it gives me a chance to travel interstate to cooler climates.


2. My birthday is at the end of the year, which I wasn't looking forwards to but now I have someone to call on discord to watch movies with, so it will be fun. I'm also looking forwards to work because Christmas time means more shifts. 


3. 2020 was a wild ride, to say the least.


4. I'm not sure yet, by making sure I remind myself that I am worth it and by keeping confident. I want to learn how to love myself again, and remember the confidence I felt when I travelled overseas and that when I felt like that, nothing felt bad, because I was so positive. 


5. The best thing I discovered this year was in February, travelling to the US by myself for a month to meet overseas friends I have had for years. It spoiled me, because during that time I was in a place of so much love and warmth. I was over there for such a big cosplay event too, and can easily say it was the best experience of my entire life.


6. I joined only a week or so ago! I want to make new connections here and learn off of other people's experiences and hopefully allow other people to learn off mine. 

Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

Welcome to the forums @ferdie22 Smiley Happy I too enjoy winter more! Happy birthday for the end of the year, I hope it goes well! Traveling to the US at the beginning of the year sounds like it was so much fun Smiley Very Happy

Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

That is so cool you travelled to the US earlier this year @ferdie22 ! When you said you're favourite thing about summer is when it ends I laughed a lot and related a lot! And welcome to the forums, it is great to have you here <3

1. My fav things about summer are not having to do as much laundry cause I'm wearing less layers and drinking icy beverages.
2. I'm looking forward to spending time with family at the end of the year, I often have to go away somewhere in December and this year I'm not which i'm really excited about. Keen to not spend days in the car!
3. I would sum up 2020 with my confused face.
4. I'm going to look after myself over the holidays by remembering to hydrate!!! I think I'll buy myself a nice new water bottle and prioritise drinking water everyday.
5. This year I've gotten really into skin care, I don't have a particularly extravagant routine, but its been nice to put a bit more effort into making my skin feel nice.
6. I started working at ReachOut in July this year, and my fav thing to do on here is read the incredible peer support given by users <3

Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

@losingmyself @boombamshazam Tagging some more new users who might want to introduce themselves Smiley Happy

Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

Hi Smiley Happy

Thanks @Lost_Space_Explorer5 for adding me here. 

I'm new to ReachOut. 

My December isn't going too well at the moment, I feel like everything's suddenly turning against me. But here are some good things that happened so far in 2020:

- I met a person who said that they 'like me for me' 

- I was introduced to anime

- I found a community full of people that I feel like I belong to... ReachOut!


I found out that I'm pretty good at volleyball, can't wait to train over the summer! Smiley Happy

Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

@losingmyself I love anime!! What sort of one's have you been getting into?

Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

Hi @ferdie22 !

I'm watching 

-Attack on Titan

-Darling in the FranXX


-Death Note

-Demon Slayer

Are there any animes that you suggest? :^)

Re: Introduce Yourself Here- DECEMBER 2020

Hi @losingmyself, welcome aboard and thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. I am sorry to hear you feel like things are turning against you though. If you would like to talk this through a bit more, please feel welcome to create your own thread. Our community is incredibly supportive Heart Also, you have good anime taste! I have to finish watching Attack on Titan actually. I forgot where I was up to.

Here are some recommendations I have (please check if they are suitable for you to watch):
- Castlevania
- Seven Deadly Sins
- Hunter X Hunter (my friend recommended this one)