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Re: Introduce Yourself Here - March Edition!

Hello and welcome @xo_aki! Smiley Very Happy Being a mermaid would be awesome, plus living underwater! So cool Smiley Very Happy Also having unlimited laptop space would be amazing! A fantastic idea Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

@Jess1-RO YES TO ART SUPPLIES! Also... nananananana BATMAN!!!!!!

Hello @BJH and welcome! Smiley Very Happy Mums can be amazing superheroes Smiley Happy I love your description of flying, it would definitely be amazing! If only we could have both Smiley Tongue

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - March Edition!

[N] Hello,


We're new here. Call me N. I share a brain and a body with four other people (A, D, J and S). We might not be around that often, maybe we will be, I don't know. Mainly we're here to learn more about people who identify as non-binary, because I think I might be. A and J identify as female and D and S identify as male.


As for the questions, here are our responses. I'll start with mine.


1. Definitely fly through air. That would be awesome.

2. Plain cheese pizza. I love it.

3. Night person. If I had it my way I'd sleep until 11am every morning haha

4. Bottles of ice tea. Lipton or Fuze, doesn't matter, but definitely ice tea. It's just delicious.

5. Not really sure if they count but I'll say the Guardians of the Galaxy.


[A] 1. Flying. As long as it wouldn't be too tiring, that is.

2. I have to agree with N, pizza is wonderful.

3. I could be either. Sometimes when we wake up I'm really energetic or sometimes I really just want to roll over and go back to sleep.

4. Is it selfish to say money? At least I'd be able to make a heck of a lot of charity donations.

5. I don't know. We don't watch many superhero movies. I enjoyed Aquaman though, so I'll go with that.


[D] 1. Flying. I think that's just what we're all going to say. I think we're all flyers.

2. Not sure. I'll say either hot chips or pasta.

3. Definitely night. According to A, I'm the lazy one.

4. Food.

5. Drax from GOTG.


[J] 1. D's right. I would love to fly.

2. Good question. I don't really know what I'd choose.

3. I think morning maybe. I usually feel the same at both morning and night.

4. Unsure here too.

5. I'd say Thor, although we've only seen him in Ragnarok and Infinity War.


[S] 1. Okay, flying.

2. Plain cheese pizza too.

3. I'm a night person I think.

4. Pillows. I like to be comfortable.

5. I'm going to say Thor too.


Re: Introduce Yourself Here - March Edition!

Hi! This is new to me, I've never used a forum before!

1. As much as I love the ocean, I'd fly. I like the ocean like some people like horror movies. It terrifies me and I love it. But too terrifying to swim in for real and no one wants to be in real life horror movie.

2. Depends on the restaurant, but pasta is a go-to.

3. Both? Neither? 

4. I hate clutter so I wouldn't want any extra storage space for any extra things. 

5. Thor. He's... Thor? Ragnorak is an all time favourite movie, it just got my humour. 


Re: Introduce Yourself Here - March Edition!