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Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

@Jess1-RO, Thank you!! That would be fantastic! Smiley Happy

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Hey everyone!

1. I first heard about ReachOut through uni and decided only about a month ago that I wanted to be involved by talking to people in the commuity and helping them discuss a range of topics.

2. The self-care thread is my favourite because I think it is so important and should be encouraged. However because I am very new to the community I am excited to explore the other threads 

3. I decided to become a Builder as I really like helping people and therefore I thought this was a great way to interact with the community and start conversations

4. I work a part-time job so that fills most of my days

5. Hmm not that I can think of, I enjoy going to the gym and eating out (but this becomes very expensive Smiley Sad 

6. All time favourtie tv show... this is super hard as I am obsessed with so many tv shows haha. Top 3 would be gossip girl, vanderpump rules and suits 

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

yay thanks for sharing @LovesFood ! 

Excited for you to be a part of our community, and Builder team! 


Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Hello everyone, and whoever is taking the time to read this Smiley LOL 


1. I first heard about ReachOut on a website that was recommending different volunteering opportunities (I forgot exactly what the name of it is now though...) and I am currently a new user and a new builder! 


2. After exploring briefly just now, I believe I like the games thread best at the moment 


3. I decided to become a builder as I wanted to support this great cause, as well as trying something new!


4. I often study and do uni work these days  as well as hanging out with friends and watching movies when I have time


5. I don’t have any hobbies right now, but I’d say the most niche thing I do would be watch birb videos on social media. 


6. My favourite TV show of all time has to be friends. I can literally watch any episode with almost no context and have a good laugh. 


Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Welcome @I_am_not_Groot! We are so excited to have you join the builder team! It can take a bit of exploring to get used to the forums, so feel free to tag me if you need a hand with anything!


Absolutely love the Friends series- fantastic tv show choice Smiley Very Happy  


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