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Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

@Jess1-RO, Thank you!! That would be fantastic! Smiley Happy

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Hey everyone!

1. I first heard about ReachOut through uni and decided only about a month ago that I wanted to be involved by talking to people in the commuity and helping them discuss a range of topics.

2. The self-care thread is my favourite because I think it is so important and should be encouraged. However because I am very new to the community I am excited to explore the other threads 

3. I decided to become a Builder as I really like helping people and therefore I thought this was a great way to interact with the community and start conversations

4. I work a part-time job so that fills most of my days

5. Hmm not that I can think of, I enjoy going to the gym and eating out (but this becomes very expensive Smiley Sad 

6. All time favourtie tv show... this is super hard as I am obsessed with so many tv shows haha. Top 3 would be gossip girl, vanderpump rules and suits 

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

yay thanks for sharing @LovesFood ! 

Excited for you to be a part of our community, and Builder team! 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Hello everyone, and whoever is taking the time to read this Smiley LOL 


1. I first heard about ReachOut on a website that was recommending different volunteering opportunities (I forgot exactly what the name of it is now though...) and I am currently a new user and a new builder! 


2. After exploring briefly just now, I believe I like the games thread best at the moment 


3. I decided to become a builder as I wanted to support this great cause, as well as trying something new!


4. I often study and do uni work these days  as well as hanging out with friends and watching movies when I have time


5. I don’t have any hobbies right now, but I’d say the most niche thing I do would be watch birb videos on social media. 


6. My favourite TV show of all time has to be friends. I can literally watch any episode with almost no context and have a good laugh. 

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Welcome @I_am_not_Groot! We are so excited to have you join the builder team! It can take a bit of exploring to get used to the forums, so feel free to tag me if you need a hand with anything!


Absolutely love the Friends series- fantastic tv show choice Smiley Very Happy  

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Hi everyone - new Builder here, can't wait to meet everyone! Now onto the questions Smiley Happy

  1. How did you first hear about ReachOut and when did you decide to get involved on the forums as a user?
    I probably first heard about ReachOut during the early years of high school (I'm now in my last year of uni so it's been a while!) but more as a resource website, and I didn't realise they had these forums.  Now that I'm in my last year of uni, I wanted to change things up and find a way to connect with people in other ways - so here I am!
  2. What's your favourite post thread?
    Hmm... That's a hard one! I feel like I haven't been around on the ReachOut forums for very long yet, but I do love that there are some lighter hearted Games threads for people who just need a distraction.
  3. Why did you decide to become a Builder?
    I've often been described by my friends as 'a good listener' and someone they know they can go to for advice, so I wanted to put these strengths to good use and help out in the community! Over the years, I've used Facebook messenger to stay connected to a lot of my friends, so it somehow seems natural for me to talk to people online about issues than in person?  Naturally, I'm hoping these kind of skills pass on to being a good Builder too!
  4. What do you do during the day (Study? Work? Hunt ghosts? Fight Crime? Taste cupcakes?)?
    I'm currently a uni student so most of my time goes towards study and assignments (sadly) but other than that, I love music and wasting time on Netflix!
  5. Do you have any weird hobbies (Train a rubber duck army? Teach lizards Spanish? Learn how to the master the recorder?)?
    My weirdest hobby right now is probably having a bullet journal instead of a normal diary! This means I've got to take some time out every week to write up the next week in an empty notebook but I find it strangely relaxing and satisfying (self-care anyone?)!
  6. What's your all time favourite TV show?
    If you asked me about my favourite movie, I would not have an answer at all but all-time favourite has got to be Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Gotta love some comedy to brighten up the day!

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Welcome @missyj! Smiley Happy That's so cool you keep a bullet journal! I keep a weekly diary and a planner. I used to write in a journal too.

I hope you enjoy your time as a builder!

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Welcome @missyj!

We are so excited to have you on board Smiley Happy If you need a hand finding your way around, you are more than welcome to tag me, a fellow builder or a mod- we are always happy to help!

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

Welcome @missyj !! So lovely to have another builder on board! Let us know if you need help with anything Heart

Re: Introduce Yourself Here - NEW BUILDERS!

welcome @missyj Smiley Happy
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**