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Re: Introduce Yourself Here - October 2016!

What is your favourite word?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of being the height you are?

Advantages- easy to spot in a crowd, don't have trouble reaching things, people move out of your way if they see you coming; As a CrossFitter, things like rowing and running are made eaier because of my longer legs

Disadvtanges- Again, as a CrossFitter, being taller means you have further to pick up weights, and your longer levers make gymnatic movements a little harder; Being asked to reach things for shorter people Smiley Tongue

Do you talk in your sleep? If you do, whats the last thing you know you said?


Have you ever met anyone famous? or who would you like to meet?

I've worked in many hotels and nightclubs, so mixing with famous people isn't something that is unfamilar to me. A lot of my friends work in the media too.

What is your favourite lolly in the party mix?

The little raspberry lolly. Handsdown the best!