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Re: Introduce yourself here August 2016!

Hey @Persephone and welcome to ReachOut! Do you go camping often? What other video games do you play? See you around the forums! Smiley Happy

Re: Introduce yourself here August 2016!

1. Describe the state of your bedroom, are you really messy, or pretty clean?

Really clean Smiley Wink I can't get anything done and don't feel at peace unless it is clean


2. Can you recite the alphabet backwards? If no, what letter do you get stuck on?

 No I cannot and I would be pretty impressed if someone could....W


3. Do you take the little shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? Why, why not?

Can't say I stay in hotels often and the one time I did they didn't have the bottles Smiley Mad 


4. Are you earlobes attached or free, can you roll your toungue and what's your eye colour?

Free but small? Haha. Yes I can. Light blue!


5. What's your favourite sport and your least favourite? This can include things like gaming not just whatever is in the Olympics these days.

Netball is my favourite to play/footy to watch and rugby is my least favourite to watch (because I have no idea what is happening..).