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Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

It’s not feb any more, it’s the start of March but this was the latest one I saw and I wanted to introduce myself.

i would rather explore a new planet, I like the ocean but I think space is pretty cool (and maybe a little overwhelming) but a new planet appeals to me more.

My subject would definitely be sport, or possibly math or philosophy. These are the subjects I find the easiest to comprehends at school, but sport is definitely   the best to me. 

My motivation? I can’t say one thing in particular (I’m indesicive in every way) but I think it’s the people that I really care about and I look up to, my closest friends and family motivate me, because I wnat them to think highly of me. 

I woulda survive a zombie apocalypse with my weapons, and martial arts friends by my side. 

I would be a dog. They are adorable first of all but Moreno importantly they make people feel so happy and loved , dogs make me happy so I would be a dog.

magical powers would probably be either flying, or invisibility. Both would be very cool, and like I said I’m indecisive so I cant choose one. 


I don’t really know how this works but there was my attempt to introduce myself for feb in March Smiley Happy


Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

Hi @Avi
Great responses! I think it would be so cool to explore a new planet, I think we'll be seeing more of that in the next few years with the advancement of technology.
What you said about dogs is so true. They love people unconditionally and are so happy. I love dogs!

Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

Thanks for replying @missep , I wasn’t sure i was on the right thing. 

Dogs are the best! Instant smiles around them and lots of cuddles 


Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

No worries at all! @Avi
Definitely on the right thing Smiley Happy
That’s so true about dogs! Do you have one? What’s your favourite breed?

Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

I’m not really sure on how this Reach Out system works yet, so bare with me. 


I’m just a normal kid who needs a little guidance. My friends are great but it’s too hard to bother them with my burdenous problems. 


Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

Hey @ReliefMe! Welcome to the forums. Don’t worry, it can be a little confusing at first but have a little bit of an explore of the threads, start posting and you’ll get the hang of it!


Your in the right place! We are all on here looking for a little guidance. Welcome to the community, we are so happy to have you and we will be a listening ear for your problems. 


Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

Thank you! I figured that if I learnt how to help myself I’d be better at helping others to pay it forward

Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

Hey there! This is my first time using Reachout so let's do this.


Would you rather explore a new planet or the deepest parts of the ocean? Why?

For me, it would be a new planet, mainly because I'm absolutely petrified of drowning! I'd love to go into space and explore and entirely new landscape, with different biomes and possibly even a new life-form! I think that would be truly amazing.


If you had to teach a subject, what would it be?

Latin! It's my favourite subject at the moment and I'd love to introduce others to it, hopefully giving them the same passion that I have for the language.


What motivates you to succeed?

I think what motivates me to succeed primarily is proving others wrong. Throughout my life I've been told by many people (especially those close to me) that I can't do something, or I'm not smart enough, or good enough. I want to prove them wrong, but I also want to prove myself wrong, because I often doubt myself too.


How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

I'd get my friends and take command of a big boat, like a cruise ship or something. No zombies could get us out in the middle of the ocean!


If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I'd be a wolf, no question. They're my absolute favourite animals and I tend to feel a sort of connection to them.


What kind of magical power would you like to have?

This is a difficult one! I'd probably have to go with flying though. I think being able to take off and go anywhere you want would be really awesome, plus you'd get to fly with all the cool birds!


Hope you had fun reading these ones! I really enjoyed reading everyone else's.


- Aluzar


Re: Introduce yourself here: February Editon!

Hello and welcome @Aluzar! Wolves are so cool! An excellent choice Smiley Very Happy Latin sounds like such an interesting subject, I'm glad you enjoy it! Smiley Very Happy 


If you liked these questions, we've got some new ones for March if you'd like to answer them too! Smiley Very Happy