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Re: Introductions: January 2015!!!!!!!

Hi @miaa - welcome! Noticing the beauty in the world is certainly a great strength to have - GREAT for your wellbeing too.

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Re: Introductions: January 2015!!!!!!!

Better late than never - hi @Xeroxpie !!!! Great to hear that you are more social and braver than you were this time last year! well done!

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Re: Introductions: January 2015!!!!!!!

I do like these "introduction" threads! Since I always avidly avoid 'online dating' sites, I get enthusiastic when they come up like in social forums such as these..... Smiley Happy


1. How'd you find us?

I did a Google search for some resources last year!


2. What's the last nice thing you did for someone? 

Helped to make a group of elderly attendees feel welcome by spending some time in small talk with them and listening to their experiences.

3. What's your special talent/party trick?

I enjoy chatting with people - about deeper things too - things that matter to them, that they want to confide in with someone.

4. Do you like summer or winter? What's your favourite thing to do then?

Definitely Summer! Spend hours in nature, at the beach, relaxing near the water, or under a tree with feet in the sand - reading, dozing, holding hands reading and chatting together.

5. What are you looking forward to at the moment?

I always look forward to catching up with my friends. Right now i am also looking forward to doing some travel in the near future.

6. How is your life different today than it was a year ago? (Keep it positve and it can be small or large)

One year ago I was still shy to speak up and express myself as freely as I do now!! It's almost as if i now want to make up for the time i feel i lost! Smiley Happy ... so my relationships are much more meaningful and I wouldn't ever want to part with those I'm closest to...


7. Number one tip for feeling good?

For me - apart from walking/dancing lol: would be Self-care (think: using scented natural cream over arms, legs, shoulders) AND Good communication with the persons I care about (biggie for me!).


8. Who is the last person you said Thank You to??

The people who organised the concert show, and always: my friend/s for listening to me without judgment and with open heart.



Re: Introductions: January 2015!!!!!!!

Havent been on online forums since three weeks ago! Even under my older profile.
Was Interesting to read back on my entries, but now wishing you all be in good health, and go well.