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Re: Intros August 2012

Hey guys,


I thought I posted in here but apparently not.


I'm MM. I am 22 years old and live in Brisbane. I have just finished a Bachelor of Science with an extended major in Psychology and am currently looking for work before I start honours next year. I currently work at Coles as a checkout chick.


I have a labrador who is my world. I love volunteering, cooking and going for walks with my dog. I am also currently addicted to watching repeats of Friends on tv - funniest show ever. 


I also have a lot of stuffed toys and people always seem to give me more! My brother has traditionally given me one every year for Christmas for the past 8 or so years! 


Looking forward to getting to know you all again on these forums!




Re: Intros August 2012

@bluebird: That's awesome Smiley Happy We got given co-op bookshop vouchers which helped me out heaps with textbook costs this semester. Yay, another Brooke Fraser fan!! How relaxing is her music?! I sometimes listen to it before bed too Smiley Happy
@lokifish: You spell your Clare the same way as me Smiley Very Happy (my middle name is Clare - it was going to be my first name but mum's friend name her baby Clare not long before she had me). Pretty much everyone else I know spell it with an i.


Re: Intros August 2012

I am 20 years old and I'm from Brisbane.

I suffer from depression and anxiety and it is so bad that I am afraid to leave the house sometimes.

I love being in nature: The beach, swimming holes, rainforests, mountains. Anywhere thats peaceful.

I love painting and swimming and being in my garden which i designed.

When I get better, I want to help others suffering from Mental Illness. I am an artist, so I would like to be the 'arts and crafts' lady in the mental hospitals.