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Re: Hang out is for general chat and nothing too deep

Another one keen to know if Atma collects real pigs! Haha. I love those tiny pigs you can get, too cute.


Atma (love the username) I've also become really interested in meditation over the last few years, do you do guided meditation or just silence? I prefer silence.. I try to do 10mins a day but when I'm too busy I don't do it, ironically when I need it most... There is a Buddhist meditation centre near me and I've gone to a few classes there which has been great too. In May I participated in Mindful In May which was a cool.. Anyway I'm rambling Smiley Very Happy

Re: Intros August 2012

Somehow I missed posting in this thread when the forum opened so hear goes...


I'm Steph, I'm 22 and I'm studying Occupational Therapy at uni. In my spare time I volunteer as a mentor at uni and in a reading program with kids at my local primary school. I enjoy playing and listening to music (my faves include Brooke Fraser, Delta Goodrem and Pete Murray but I have pretty varied tastes), reading, cooking (especially desserts and baking) and doing art (particularly when paint is involved Smiley Very Happy).


This is such a cool thread, I really like reading about everyone elses interests etc.

Re: Intros August 2012

Howdy yall! 


I'm 19 , I am in love with my cat , obsessed with films , lately I have been really digging classical music, and I can't stop reading books on climate change !  my tastes and personality are very accletic and thats the way I like it ! I live in QLD, but am moving to NSW in December so at the moment I'm just looking forward to the future, YAH new Forums ! how exciting! wooo 

Re: Intros August 2012

Finally, I have been trying to log in and all that, everything just isn't working! I'm soo very late but anyways, Hello peoples! How y'all doing?!

Re: Intros August 2012

Hey MrNoColour! Welcome! Smiley Very Happy
All is well where I am. How are you going?

Re: Intros August 2012

Hi all! I'm Gail (creative, huh). I've been waiting for the new forums to be launched so I could be let free to post! Pretty excited about this...!

Re: Intros August 2012

Hi everyone!


This is amazing - I'm loving the new site and forums! Ok so perhaps I'm a little biased... I'm Jo and I'm Manager so I'm lucky enough to work closely with all the uber-talented  peeps who have put this little bit of magic together. GO TEAM!


Of course, this place is nothing without all the brilliant young people who use and contribute to it and ultimately make the wonderful service that it is. I look forward to meeting many of you here and hope you enjoy this renovated space Smiley Very Happy


Bit disappointing though that I'm home sick today while the crew kick off the celebrations. My head just may split open in the next few minutes from the whopper headache that was nurtured by screaming toddlers in the doctors waiting room.... But still, nothing can stop my excitement at how pretty all this looks!!!! 


Hope you all enjoy and share your feedback with the RO crew. 


I'll be heading over to the 5 random things thread once the drumming stops in my head.


Yay, so excited!!!!

Jo Manager

Re: Intros August 2012

Hi all,

I'm a bit late on the forum train and just having a look at the new goes!

I'm Loz and I live in Darwin (clearly!). I have a deep love of cats and food and I try and do a bit of stuff around body image and eating disorders in my community. I got involved with RO in 2010 through the ActNow (R.I.P.) program and had an awesome time last year as a ReachOut Reporter!



Re: Intros August 2012



Awesome avatars!!


I'm in Yr 12 and love RO! I really want a puppy and own 200 stuffed toys, which reside on my bedhead. I love books and I'm dying my hair fluro purple when I leave school.



Re: Intros August 2012

@Shadow: Sounds nice, my friend died her hair purple, it looked really cool, and now looks more awesome that it's fadded Smiley Happy Her's was like a dark plum purple, or red-purple (not quite sure how to explain it) though


Heyy all!


I'm Bee (Bee05 on the old forums, yeah I got sick of the numbers Smiley Tongue )

I'm finishing year 11 this term and soon starting year 12! (OMG it's crept up quick! Smiley Surprised )

I love odd or unique things and own sometimes the most randomest things, like an alien whiteout for example, or what about my rabbit whiteout??? lol...

I own a fair collection of stuffed toys and bears, a big tub full, a blanket bag full and a wire create full which is overflowing and there are a few stays floating around the house somewhere too Smiley Tongue haha...

Shadow: I think I'd come close to your 200 stuffed toys too! I wonder how many I have exactly...

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart