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Intros September 2012

Are you new??? Introduce yourself here and get to your fellow peeps...


To introduce yourself, answer the following:

1. What are you grateful for?
2. How'd you find us?
3. What's the last thing you did really well?
4. What are you looking forward to at the moment?
5. Indoors or outdoors?
6. Number one tip for feeling good?

Online Community Manager

Re: Intros September 2012

Hello, i heard about this site through facebook, i am still very new to this and i am looking for friends too.

Re: Intros September 2012

Hey UM, welcome aboard! What do you think of the RO boards? What do you like about them?


Re: Intros September 2012

Welcome aboard Unique_me Smiley Happy


If you're having any problems feel free to let us know!

Hope to see you around!