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Khajiit - Hello! I am new to the forum ^-^

It is tempting to share my deepest side, but I will leave that for those daring enough to say hello~


My name is Khajiit and I am a feminine caracal. A caracal is my fursona as for the most part, I am involved in the furry fandom. It has been a very long time since I've been on a forum. My previous one involved therians and otherkin identities. I find that my life and nature has been sailed towards loving, caring and supporting others. I value the beauty found in an everyday smile, poetry and art. Lots of my time is dedicated to aiding others. As a youth advocate and trained in suicide first aid, I strive to do the best I can in supporting youth mental health. I share this as it is my core. In my world, it can be lonely sometimes. But I find temporary peace and comfort in my plushies and the artworks I create. We are all on a journey, and part of mine is to find friends to share it with.


For now, I keep doing as I am, killing aliens (Playing halo and games) and making artworks.


If anything, thank you for letting me into your home. I hope to meet some of you and get used to be basics again (using a forum xD)


Re: Khajiit - Hello! I am new to the forum ^-^

Welcome to ReachOut @Khajiit I looked up what a caracal looks like, so cute. 


ears caracal GIF


Re: Khajiit - Hello! I am new to the forum ^-^

Hi @Khajiit! Welcome to the forums! Smiley Happy