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Learning a Language

Hey Everyone!

Lately I've become very intrigued about different cultures, ethnicity's and specifically languages. Personally, I think it would be SUPER cool to learn a new language. Butttt (There's always a but), I have this thing where I'm super motivated to do something and then I loose that motivation after a while. Does anyone else get this or is it just meSmiley Tongue?


I was wondering if any of you are bilingual or know some languages and if you could share some tips with me about how to learn. I learn Japanese at school but I'm not very good at itSmiley Very Happy I'm really interested in French or Italian - It looks so nice and sounds so nice!! but if  you guys find that there is a specific language that's super easy I'm happy to try!


I was looking at Korean courses online and the topic was 'Eating' the word itself was easy enough but then there's different words for 'ate' 'eaten' etc. and it is just superr confusing!! Please Help this very confused little beanSmiley LOLSmiley LOL

Re: Learning a Language

@annabethxchase love this thread idea! It's been a while since we've had a discussion about learning second languages Smiley Happy


I did French, German and Indonesian back in school (always been a bit of a language nerd Smiley Tongue) but the only one I've really stuck with is German (Deutsch ist sehr cool! Smiley Wink)


The first thing that comes to mind is: have you heard of apps such as Duolingo? They can be great for picking up the basics of a language. It's also really interactive, and last time I checked has rewards for logging in each day etc. (which is useful for when motivation begins to wane Smiley Tongue)


Another thing that helps me is to watch the news broadcasts on SBS and/or stuff on YouTube. One of the main ways I've picked up new phrases is by watching episodes of the German version of Sesame Street! 😂 Kids shows can be great because the vocab/grammar is simple, and there are lots of visual cues so that preschoolers can understand what's happening Smiley Tongue

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Re: Learning a Language

hey @annabethxchase im bilingual !

im not that into languages but im glad you are ! i tend to say “hola” and “adios” instead of “hi” and “goodbye” now ahahah.


i speak french and spanish. i find that spanish is easier than french but they’re both good !


some french - ‘bonjour(formal)’ or ‘salut(informal)’ means hello, ‘au revouir’ means goodbye, ‘come t’appelles tu?’ means what is your name and to respond to that you would ‘je m’appelle @annabethxchase


a little paragraph about me

salut, je m’appelle litgym et **forgets all french even though i do 3.5 hours a week and I AM french what a lol** **gets google translate out (my brain only works in spanish for some reason)**  j’ai quatorze ans. je fais de la gymnastic car c’est super ! 

au revouir ami Smiley Happy 


some spanish - ‘comme te llamas?’ **im second guessing myself if this is right** means what is your name and you would reply back by saying ‘me llamo @annabethxchase


a little paragraph about me

hola, me llamo litgym y tengo catorce años. me encanta gymnasia.

adios amigo


yeah this is so long and sorry if this doesn’t make sense bahahha. duolingo is a great app to learn languages !

Re: Learning a Language

OMG That's sooooo cool @litgym! That' so funnySmiley LOL

I'm glad that french and Spanish don't have different characters in alphabets (probably a few differences) That's probably why I was so stumped on Korean!!

In the paragraph about you I read it like this: My name's @litgym blah blah blah weird dots on letters gymnastics is super! Wow I'm a natural (not)! Thanks Heaps for that - think I need to work on pronunciations! You're French!!?? Have you seen miraculous? (Fangirling inside)


Read Spanish like this - Llamas?? Where? I'm a llama? *Cue identity crisis*

You Paragraph - Hello, I'm llama @litgym blah blah enchanting gymnastics.


Will give duolingo a try. This is going to be harder than expected. Question: Did you grow up in France speaking French (What's 1st Language)?  Thanks soooo much, your sooo great! 

Re: Learning a Language

Wow @lokifish, I'm impressed Smiley Surprised! 3 languages!? DEFINITELY going to check out Duolingo (I need all the help I can get!!) 


 "It's also really interactive, and last time I checked has rewards for logging in each day etc. (which is useful for when motivation begins to wane Smiley Tongue)" Ahh saviour, I'll be addicted in 6 seconds flat! Rewards are great! Watching shows is a great idea - I think that will help me understand how words are used/context a bit more. 

Thanks heaps, this helped! Will update (this could take a while)!Smiley LOL

Re: Learning a Language

@annabethxchase BAHAHAHA OMG MLB !!!!!! such a great show what a lol Smiley LOL

basically I said in my french text "hi my names @litgym and I am 14 years old. i do gymnastics because it is great ! goodbye friend" honestly i have trouble remembering things in french and spanish😬 european languages have a lot of conjugation things which are super confusing like past tense, present tense etc. 


in my spanish text i said "hi my name is @litgym and i am 14 years old. i love gymnastics. goodbye friend". 'llamo' is the conjugation for I in spanish because you're saying MY(as in annabethxchase) NAME IS.... i have no idea if that made sense. 'llamas' means YOUR NAME(asking someone what their name is).


languages are confusing ! ive been to france once but i never grew up there. my "father" is french, i usually never consider myself "french" since i dont like being acknowledge like that, i much prefer australian. my "father" has always tried to teach me french but ive always rejected that and now i learn it at school... fun ! but it is a good language, just emotionally for me it's hard.

Re: Learning a Language

Ohhhh (I must look like the dumbest soul to work the face of the earth) That makes a ton of sense @litgym!! Do you enjoy gymnastics? I have all the flexibility of a sloth.


That's totally fine, sorry to hear it holds bad bonds, I get that as well (Not with French), it hurts to think about something so you try and block it out!Heart

Re: Learning a Language

Hey @annabethxchase, I'm a bit multilingual (coming from an Asian background) and so I speak a bit of Tagalog (due to my Filipino heritage) and Spanish (though it's been ages since I last spoke it and so I reckon my Spanish is a bit rusty). I agree with the others, Duolingo is a great app for learning new languages! Memrise is also a great app to learn languages and so I recommend you check that out also. Both apps helped me tremendously when it came to revising for exams when I did Spanish at uni. Hope that helps!

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Re: Learning a Language

Wow @Esperanza67, I didn't expect that many people to know other languages - it's soo interesting!! Will definitely check out Memrise as well! Thanks so much!!Smiley HappySmiley Happy

Re: Learning a Language

Also, Does anyone have any recommendations of the easiest language to learn? I'm think spanish but not sure...