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Re: Learning a Language

That makes total sense @Puppies026! Will look at some Korean dramas though I think Spanish is the best to start with so maybe some Dora!! That'll get me motivated!Smiley Tongue

Re: Learning a Language



I'm bilingual. I speak native Chinese (Cantonese and Manadrin), fluent English(still learning Auusie English lol) and basic German.


I'm from Hong Kong, so my mother tongue is Cantonese. I also learned English and Mandarin at local school ever since I was a kid. I love English and western culture so I kept on learning and using the language outside classroom when I was a student, which made me who I am today, I can speak fluent English, communicate with native speakers without many problems(sometimes I still make mistakes but who don't make mistakes? Learn from it, that's what matters) and I have many English speaking expat friends in HK.


I did basic German course when I was at community college because I kinda like German, it's also easier for English speakers to learn and it wouldn't hurt to learn a new language.


I'm also interested in Spanish, so I might do Spanish course someday.


P.S. I'm still in Hong Kong and I'm planning to move to Straya to start a new life =]

Re: Learning a Language

That's so cool @carlosleekw! Australia is great! Totally come.

Re: Learning a Language


Here is an update (Don't expect much) on my Spanish learning extravaganza on Duolingo!

  • Usted (Tu) Come Manzanas

I yelled this at my mother the other day and she thought I was saying some form of ancient swearing. Nooo Mum I just said that 'You eat apples.' *Rolls eyes teenager-like Smiley Tongue *


  • The whole 'masculine and feminine noun thing' Smiley Mad Smiley Frustrated

Oh my this was WAY to confusing. When I 1st saw it I was like 'How the hell am I meant to know an apple's gender?!' Then I did a little more research and there's this thing called NORSEL and any noun that ends in that is masculine (mostly - gosh darn it leche/milk!)


  • Pasaporte

YAYY ENGLISH WORDS!! Wow when I saw this I actually jumped for joy! Though I am really terrible at pronunciation I most sound like a constipated duck


  • Taxi

Here we have a blissfully normal word! Soo happy!Smiley LOL


  • Those weird silent sounds in words - Tu?

OK, So I don't know ALL of these but still, I'm getting there. Tu sounds better than 'U'  


Here is the end of this fabulousness ENGLISH IS SOOO MUCH EASIER Smiley Mad AHHH

That was a lot of emotions in one post.

Re: Learning a Language

@annabethxchase bahahah that’s great ! i didn’t even know half the things...i probably should oops. yeah the whole masculine and feminine thing can be confusing at times especially when you have to put the ‘el and la’ in front of the word. i think it’s those idk i can only think of french rn. spanish has a lot of words similar to english which is helpful Smiley Happy

Re: Learning a Language

German is the same, Der die das dem lol


That's why I always say English is the easist to learn lol

Re: Learning a Language

I relate so much @annabethxchase
Especially what you wrote about knowing the gender of an apple haha.
When I was learning French I was thinking the exact same thing! Like how would I know if a table has a masculine or feminine pronoun?
Proud of you for learning Spanish! I've always wanted to learn it Smiley Happy

Re: Learning a Language

Ahaha @litgym at the start I thought 'el' and 'la' meant 'a' not 'the!!'


German looks and sounds HARD @carlosleekw Smiley LOL


Awww thanks @missep! In the lessons they didn't say anything about masculine/feminine nouns - it was like they just expected us to know! Smiley Surprised

Re: Learning a Language

Hallo friends!! A little late to the party but eh, I don't care!

Oh boy genders!! I learnt Italian in high school, and I can kind of read some spanish and french and italian because of that (yay for latin(I think)-based languages Smiley Tongue) Then I spent a year in Switzerland learning German, which is not easy considering they don't speak High German, they speak Swiss German (yay). And german has three genders! Smiley Tongue Such fun Smiley Tongue

I hope everything is going well in your language-learning journey! It can definitely be awesome learning and knowing another language Smiley Happy

Re: Learning a Language

Oh it definitely isn't easy @N1ghtW1ngSmiley LOL Wow that sounds super confusing - and I was complaining about 2!