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Long weekend vibes

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend/public holiday today. 


I’m hanging out at the beach about to head out for my second surf of the day (with about a squillion other people)




Re: Long weekend vibes

Ooh, that's a great photo @Saltwaterdreamtime! Hope you have a great time surfing!


I'm planning on staying inside with a book - my version of paradise, haha Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Long weekend vibes

And that was the quieter side of the beach haha, it was so busy, surf #1 was better than surf #2 though, I ended up ditching the board on the beach and having a swim, fun but

Re: Long weekend vibes

Wow, that sounds like a fantastic way to spend the long weekend @Saltwaterdreamtime! Did you get a nice tan? Smiley LOL


Re: Long weekend vibes

I can only be glad for you. I'll have to help the next couple of months on the farm. It's a quiet place and it's pretty nice here, but I like surfing more (

Re: Long weekend vibes

Hi @NickJones welcome to Reachout! Smiley Happy Spending time up on the farm sounds nice. I've just sent you an email so please keep a look out. 

Re: Long weekend vibes

@nyke nah I didn’t