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Long weekend vibes

I was a bit stuck on what to do this weekend but ended up having fun! What did everyone get up to? 

Some of us have a long weekend next week too, Anzac Day is on Thursday and a lot of people are taking Friday off... does anybody have any plans? 


Re: Long weekend vibes

Great Idea for a thread @Saltwaterdreamtime!
I got up to making school lunch food for my siblings and I. I made a bunch of cheese and han scrolls! Nom nom nom...
What did you do? Smiley HappySmiley Wink

Re: Long weekend vibes

Yay to having fun @Saltwaterdreamtime! Smiley Very Happy I didn't really get up to much, as per usual, although I do not feel like today is Tuesday anymore so thanks public holiday Smiley Tongue 

As for Thursday, I don't have any plans either (I never go on holiday Smiley Tongue). Do you have any plans? 


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx  nom nom! Gotta love food Smiley Very Happy


Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!


Re: Long weekend vibes



I spent a lot of this weekend with my boyfriend watching tv shows and going out for lunch. I also played video games with my house mate and watched other shows. As well as read more of my book Smiley Happy 


I had the whole weekend off work which was nice Smiley Happy 


I think on Thursday I am going to hang out with my boyfriend most likely. No specific plans. 

Re: Long weekend vibes

hey @Saltwaterdreamtime  long time no speak!


I didn't do much but catch up on sleep over the last long weekend which was great! I really needed some down time and didn't feel guilty at all about sitting at home haha. 

This weekend I am working so that will keep me busy. 


Does anyone plan on going to the dawn service for ANZAC day?

Re: Long weekend vibes

I won't be going to the dawn service on Anzac Day @lennycat2017 .


Sitting at home resting is great Smiley Very Happy No guilty feels there Smiley Tongue