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Re: Love Simon talk


I come from a conservative household too and not only are my parents religious but they hold cultural values in a high regard. I attended an all-girls Catholic school for a year and having lived in an Islamic country for five years i am basically in somewhat of a bad situation for a queer teen. I guess that might be the reason why i find Love Simon so hard to relate to. I go to school everday and kids spew the words gay and faggot like meaningless insults and accusations.

I keep my mouth shut when political issues concerning LGBTQ are mentioned over the dinner table because i can already feel my parents' tension and discomfort building with just a mere thought that two people of the same gender can fall in love. 

I'm not saying I'm not grateful for the movie though because i definitely agree that it's a huge step for LGBTQ representation in the media and i got super excited when i watched the trailer. I can't say that 12 years old me would have ever imagined that in a few years i would be sitting in the cinema with my friends, watching a movie with a gay main character six months after just coming out to them. I was just disappointed that the reality of Love Simon isn't my reality. Hopefully in a few years it will be.

Re: Love Simon talk

I haven't seen Love, Simon yet, and I totally hear you @ILAUVEDEN about how it wasn't relatable to you and didn't feel like it had enough struggle to be an accurate representation. But actually, knowing that makes me more likely to want to go and see it.

I feel like it'd just be really nice to watch an LGBT film that's treated the same as a cis/hetero film. Like maybe sometimes it's nice to treat things normally, and then maybe it will make some people look at it and think 'you know what, yes. This is what it should be.' Or maybe can even encourage a kid who will be in a supportive environment but isn't used to that representation to come out. Having representations and illuminations of how hard it can be and how unfair we treat people is certainly important. Having representations that normalise and celebrate and have fun are also important.
Though as I said at the start, I haven't seen it yet.

Re: Love Simon talk

Also, I love your last line in your last post @ILAUVEDEN. The 'I was just disappointed that the reality of Love Simon isn't my reality. Hopefully in a few years it will be.'
We hope for that too!

Re: Love Simon talk

@ILAUVEDEN thank you so much for your in depth description! I am definitely even more intrigued by Moonlight now, and when I get the chance, will watch it. It did seem to have darker overtones than Love Simon, which seemed to be bringing the LGBTQ community into mainstream romantic 'chick flicks', which while in itself is fantastic for representation, but as you said, doesn't capture melancholic reality.

My thoughts? Well, I watched Love Simon with one of my friends who is gay, and the pleasure came from seeing his face light up. In itself, the movie is the usual storyline, as you said a bit one dimensional at times, but the effect it has had for the community is what is so wonderful about it.


I agree with @Birdeye, your last line was very poignant! I hope maybe even sooner than a few years, it will be your reality too Smiley Happy


Re: Love Simon talk

Loved this movie, I only saw it a bit ago but I got quite emotional with it. As a non LGBTQ+ person, it was really eye opening to see Smiley Happy I got very emotional though!