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Re: Magic lamp


a) NBN in Australia servicing all homes immediately (I feel very strongly about this LOL)

b) Unlimited free music gear (guitars, amps, etc)

c) I really love the respawn point idea @Lex . Imagine how differently we'd live our lives if we did everything with the knowledge that we would just respawn if something went wrong? 

Re: Magic lamp

@benjamin_  Bring on the NBN! Haha.


1. Unlimited money, forever. 

2. I'd love to be able to change my appearence like Tonks in Harry Potter. Never having to buy hairdye would be amazing.

3. Having a super exciting career that gave me lots of holidays as well (so I could spend all my unlimited money).


Re: Magic lamp

Only three wishes? This was pretty hard, but here are my three:

    1. my grandfathers health to improve
    2. equality for all
    3. enough means to travel the world


*the death of all mozzies* was a close 4th.... 


sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines, this is how flowers grow

Re: Magic lamp

Hey, great answers all!

Okay, this is my Wish List for the Genie:

1. Aargh! Reverse climate change and the destruction (so far) of the planet, and get rid of the large corporations whilst planting amazing trees everywhere, Put up good housing for everyone so we are all assured our own neat little pad whatever country we're in, and that will be cool for starters! Smiley Happy

2. I'd love a box of mangoes that never runs out! (Like the unending pack of TimTams from the ads! But I'll go for mangoes rather than choc bikkies cos I like to keep my nice round tush! Haha) AND

3. A ticket to travel anywhere around the world, and it has no expiry date on it!

Well, we can all dream, right? Luv this post topic!