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Re: Midnight food thread =D

Why thank you, @JanaG!


@peppermintpeony yep, Greens gives out the good stuff!!


@Gigi Leong roast honey chicken wings sound like a good substitute! My brother and I made a coffee cake this morning, and I just had some of that. It was doubly good, because not only was I able to create something, I was able to spend time with my brother while doing so! 

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Re: Midnight food thread =D

KFC!! Heart___Heart


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Re: Midnight food thread =D

@letitgo OMG coffee cake!!! Sounds nom and damn I feel like a coffee cake now =/


@kaysee Yesh KFC! They just introduced the Hawaiian Double and I was like "I need one! Hmm maybe two!" 

Re: Midnight food thread =D



Re: Midnight food thread =D

@Gigi Leong I love buffalo wings so muuuch. Just got some from the one place I know that has them on the menu a couple of days ago, but they're all gone now. Smiley Sad You must be a better cook than me if you made roast honey chicken wings (which sounds delicious, holy crap) because I've tried to make buffalo wings a couple of times and it was... sub-par. <<; Got any tips? Smiley Very Happy


Also, by coffee cake do you mean cake with actual coffee or the type of cake that goes with coffee @letitgo?