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Miss being on forums - Hello again

Hi everyone,

I found reachout in a rough spot late 2018 and was here for a while before a couple issues (with myself) intervened but I’ve been thinking of this community lately and I really miss everyone here and just being on forums in general, so just wanted to pop back in and say thank you for all you guys and hi (again I guess lol) Smiley Happy


Re: Miss being on forums - Hello again

Hey @seafaringstar! It’s so nice to ‘meet’ you! I wasn’t around the forums back in 2018 I don’t think.. actually I joined right at the end.. anyway it’s totally fine to take a break and return! I’m sure the ‘oldies’ will love to have you back here Smiley Tongue and the newbies (Like me haha) would love to meet you! 

how have you been going? Smiley Happy 


Re: Miss being on forums - Hello again

Hi @seafaringstar and thanks for reaching out again! It means a lot to hear from you, particularly for our forum members and mods who were around at the end of 2018 Heart 


How have you been?


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Re: Miss being on forums - Hello again

Hello @seafaringstar ! I wasn’t on the forums in 2018 but I’m sure those who were will be happy to have you back, as are us newbies 😊

Hope you are well 😊