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Modern Family

Do you love it?


There's more than just the laughs on the show and there is a brand new article is hot off the press on about Modern Family. What we can learn from one of the hottest shows on prime-time telly..?


Have a read and let me know what you think. 

Can you relate?

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Re: Modern Family

Online Community Manager

Re: Modern Family

awkward turtle

I love Modern Family! I'm looking forward to watching the new episodes though as I'm sick of watching repeats!


I think my favourite character is Manny but I love them all. I think the article brings up some great points too. We can learn a lot from TV shows like Modern Family, kind of like The Simpsons, lessons and morals abound!



Re: Modern Family

Great Article!
I love Modern Family because not only is it quite well written but it does have a very important message about the diversity of the word family!

Not only is there the generation gap and the same sex couple but it also deals with issues in regards to interracial relationships, blended families as well as adoption.
Not to mention the angst of teenage life Smiley Happy

Re: Modern Family

The other great thing about that show is that you can watch it with your family without feeling awkward tension when a topic comes up that you would feel awkward talking about with them. Pretty much any family member is okay with watching it as well as there is a relatable character for most people which is great for the exposure the issues get.

Re: Modern Family

That's actually a really good point, @Birdeye. There have been so many shows I really loved and then suddenly felt awkward about when another member of the family was watching it with me (like Deadwood, anyone seen Deadwood?). It's rare to find a show that I feel comfortable watching no matter who is in the room. Even though there are some cringe-worthy moments in Modern Family, most of it's pretty light hearted and the humour seems to have cross-generational appeal.

Re: Modern Family

love the modern family article Smiley Happy

you pointed out that the problems in modern family are closer than we think.

and you're SO RIGHT !

i laugh at everything they go through but then realise i've experienced some of that too. which only makes it funnier !

o the world has a lot to learn from Modern Family.
it's almost a religion for me !

Re: Modern Family

I love that show, it gives me insight and other ways of looking at life. It really does. And my family thinks I am exactly like the character Alex Dunphey. They are probably right. 


Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: Modern Family

@N1ghtw1ng: Me too, I love how it's able to crack you up but at the same time bring home family values. Don't typecast yourself mate, you can be whoever you want!


I love me some Modern Family! Phil has me in stitches every time.

Since we're all Modern Family fans in here, I thought'd you might appreciate some Philsosophy Smiley Happy