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Re: Mother's Day 2019!

My Mum is my absolute best friend. We have always been close, but since my OCD diagnosis and my struggles with depression, we have become nearly inseparable. She has supported me through my darkest days, helped me fight off suicidal thoughts, and has taught me that I am worth fighting for, no matter how much pain and heartache the journey to recovery involves. 


Every day, she sends me a message to make sure I am coping okay considering I'm in a bit of a rough patch. She puts up with my intense anger and frustration with not being well, and she is always prepared to drop absolutely everything to be with me and support me. From the very start of my childhood, she has always been in my corner, and has given me the strength and self-confidence to know that I can achieve and overcome anything. 


Without my Mum, I would not be alive today, and I would not be the person that I am. I owe every achievement, every win, every moment of growth, to her. 


Re: Happy Mother's Day!

Got some for lunch today! @queenP Last night I remembered I had some in the
freezer. It can never be recreated, there’s something special in it but i
can’t figure it out, tastes like sage but it’s not. Hmm