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Mother's Day 2019!

It's time to stock up on flowers, teddy bears and chocolates and give them to the important women in your life! Whether that's your mum, step mum, grandmother or anyone else who's been like a mum to you. This Sunday is Mother's Day! Heart


ReachOut has shared a great article on the hashtag #mymum and sharing gratitude for mother's everywhere, which you can read over here.




Who in your life has been like a mum to you?

What's your favourite memory of your mum/other maternal figure?

Do you have a #mymum story you'd like to share? (remember to keep it anonymous)

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Re: Mother's Day 2019!

I like this thread, I’m not normally one to participate in mother days things but the more time passes the more I realise there are people who have done so much for me and it’s more helpful to focus on that than people who have hurt me. 


So, I will be thanking my mentor/old carer this mother’s day. She put up my 15/16 year old bullshit and continue to try to help me despite me pushing against and fighting all the help and basically just being a defiant little shithead. 

Although it took a long time for me realise what she did for me and the effort she went I appreciate it, so so much. And I’m so lucky to have her and her husband back in my life to thank them after so long apart.  Even though our relationship is different to many others, they have welcomed me back into their family with open arms. 


I think my favourite memories are seeing her in 2017 after a long time, and coming to watch my footy games. And making my favourite food. 



Re: Mother's Day 2019!

She makes a wicked pumpkin soup, I know everyone says it but my “mums” is best.

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi everyone!


I wanted to start a thread about Mother's Day, because I have had the most lovely day celebrating with my Mum and reflecting on all the reasons that she is important to me.


giphy (2).gif

With that in mind, I wanted to ask everybody a few questions:

  • What makes your Mum special?
  • What is your favourite memory with your Mum?
  • If you could tell your Mum one thing, what would it be?

Now, of course, not everyone is in a position where they know or have a strong relationship with their mother. But in my eyes, the spirit of being a Mum can come from anyone - an aunt, an older sister, a grandmother, a teacher, or a mentor of any kind. So, feel free to talk about any strong woman that has supported you!


Sending lots of love to all the mothers and children out there!



Re: Happy Mother's Day!

I might get things started by tagging some people and seeing if they want to respond!


@Bananatime04 @scared01 @N1ghtW1ng @mspaceK @xXLexi_Lou122Xx @lennycat2017 @Bee @Cheeseburger @blobby @Saltwaterdreamtime @Tiny_leaf @Hozzles 

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

@queenP I thought I might merge these threads together as they both share fantastic points on Mother's Day!

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

omg thank you @N1ghtW1ng !!!

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

@queenP  I already responded but thanks for the tag Smiley Happy 

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day for Sunday! You too @queenP!

There's this chaplain, at church. We'll call her Nikki. She has helped me with a lot of my problems, after seeing me upset at youth group or church. I am proud to say that she is my church mother. I love her dearly, and I intend on telling her how much she means to me next Sunday.

Thanks for the tag @queenP!

Re: Happy Mother's Day!

@Saltwaterdreamtime mmmm I wish I could try some of this brilliant soup! There's nothing better than a home-cooked meal.


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx 'Nikki' sounds like a wonderful person Smiley Happy