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Hello wanderer of the ReachOut forums,


I have created this page for discussion of any music related topics. Feel free to talk about stuff like: Genres of music, instruments you may play, recommendations and so on! I for example, listen to mainly Hip-Hop / Rap music and I do not play any instruments. 


Some recommendations I give for artists in my favourite genre are;



Kendrick Lamar




Now, have a wonderful day and discuss away!

Re: Music!

i find music an amazing calming tool and a stimulus for ideas. if i didn't have music i'd go crazy!

  "Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir."

Re: Music!

Hey @Jeplar! I don't listen to much hip hop/rap but I have a friend who raps and he's really into that genre. Have you heard of Rachel Kahn? She has a few raps I enjoy.

Otherwise I listen to a couple of Iggy Azalea songs, but that's about it when it comes to rap Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //


Hi everyone Smiley Happy

Music is basically what makes me sane so I wanted to know what everyone's favourite music genre, artist band ect was

I like stuff from Panic! At The Disco to Eden to Dean