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My Story

Hi guys, here's my story. In January, I started working for a company. Things were good at first, then they got very complicated. One of my coworkers, Monika, just had something. I can't describe. One day (I think it was the end of February), I had lots of personal issues, and I decided to be open with her. It was a very intense, intimate experience, and in the following days, I was thinking about her constantly. I am sure that was when the love was born. Time passed, and in early April, things really exploded. One week I was sitting next to her, and we talked alot. I loved how much she talked, I could just listen to her speaking all day. It was so soothing. However, a week after this, a disaster occured which still hurts me now. Unfortunately, while I was at that company, I came across the most evil person I have ever met. This person repeatedely bullied me, and forced me to leave the company. I am still scarred by the bullying today. After I left, I emailed Monika, but did not get a reply. I was devastated that she had rejected me. Over the next months, I was an emotional wreck, crying almost daily. This is the second time I have been rejected. Here's a fact - women don't love, all they do is reject. 6 months on, the pain is still so intense. I cried for an hour earlier. I dream about her often. She just won't leave me alone. Its like I am a vessel for pain. Thanks Stephen 


Re: My Story

Hey @Monika45645646,

I'm sorry to hear that she rejected you like that and that you were so severely bullied.

RO has a ton of resources about bullying so if its hurting you now please check them out.

Maybe there was some kind of glitch with the email - maybe she didn't actually reject you? Just a thought.

When you said that "Women don't love, all they do is reject,' I need you to remember that not all people are like Monika and I understand the feeling of "This person did this so the rest of there gender must be like that as well" That is not the case however and some/most women & men are great (There are a few that aren't) .


Maybe you could reach out to her again and tell her how you've been feeling? Only if you are comfortable


Re: My Story

Hi @Monika45645646,


I can see you are new here- Welcome to ReachOut! 


I'm really sorry to hear what you are going through. Feeling rejected by the person you care about is really painful and it's understandable that you are feeling pretty hurt right now Smiley Sad


You mentioned that you were bullied out of your last workplace. Bullying is never okay and in a workplace you have rights to be protected from bullying- I'm, very sorry to hear that your rights were not upheld. I'm wondering if you have had a chance to speak about this with someone in your workplace?


You mentioned that the bullying has had a long term impact on your wellbeing and that you are still feeling the effects of bullying. @annabethxchase has recommended the ReachOut resources on bullying- you can find these here. On the forums, we hear from a lot of young people that bullying has really had an impact on their lives - you are not alone Heart Some young people have mentioned they have found speaking to someone about their experiences helpful. Have you seen a counsellor/psychologist or other support person before?


I can hear that you are in a lot of pain right now and that experiencing rejections has had a huge impact on you- feeling rejected is an awful feeling and I can understand that you are hurting. One thing I do want to assure you is that not all women are the same, just as not all people are the same. We try to avoid collective statements here on the forums because every person is different and unique in their own ways.


I hope that in time you find the person that will give you the same amount of love and kindness that you have given to others. We are here for you!


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