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Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

This has made me so ridiculously happy I'm replying from my tiny phone Smiley Tongue

MUSIC! SCORE! GREATNESS! Smiley Very Happy The composers are Michael Kramer and Jay
Vincent and ooooooh the good vibes! I don't know much about music but I
absolutely can appreciate a good score and while not all the songs are
amazing NONE of them are bad. I'll have to link in some of my favourites
ahhhh such happy feels and I'm only thinking about the songs!

Such goodness. PLUS there's also The Fold, a band who does songs (lyrics
songs) that line with seasons for shows and those are also fantastic! PLUS
PLUS ooooh man Mark Mothersburg does the movie's score and let me tell you,
yess good feels!! (And I Found My Place by Oh! Hush is also the good stuff)

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

I'm listening to the Oh! Hush song now and it slaps



Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

So cool about the new set @N1ghtW1ng, I’d love to see pictures of your new creation if you feel like posting some! Smiley Very Happy


That’s interesting, I wonder why they chose those specific symbols. Hey if you had your own Ninjago symbol what do you think it would be? Smiley Tongue


@trashconverters who are your fave composers? Smiley Happy

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@DruidChild hm... what would my symbol be? I'm not much of a "symbolic" person, so I'm not really sure but having an octopus symbol would be cool! Smiley Very Happy 


Cool car!Cool car!Awesome "stone" warrior!Awesome "stone" warrior!

I sooo can't wait to get another set!!! Smiley Very Happy 

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@N1ghtW1ng octopuses (octopi???) are so cool! Smiley Very Happy I really love the things you’ve made, especially the stone warrior. What’s your favourite lego project that you’ve done? 

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@DruidChild Yes to Octopuses! (i don't think the plural really matters Smiley Tongue


So... I love all my sets Smiley Tongue But if I HAD to choose it'd be a tie to the one I still have to finish paying off or the dragons! (Which are actually from three different sets)Here they all are!Here they all are!

Firstbourne, the red one and mother of all dragons. The blue lightning one named Stormbreaker and the unnamed earth dragon Smiley Very Happy


In truth, I love all my babies! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Even the buildings Smiley Tongue

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Whoa so awesome @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Very Happy They must have taken you ages to make, worth it for that impressive result though. 


(Also - is that an Ahsoka funko pop in the corner??!!)

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Hahaha they are pretty darn awesome. Though I need to figure out a new display for them since my shelves have run out of room Smiley Tongue


Also....Maybe more than oneMaybe more than one




The empty box is there so all my dragons would fit on the shelf Smiley Tongue

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Hi @N1ghtW1ng! Those look awesome! Ninjago is my sister's favourite show (equal first place with two other shows). Her favourite character is Lloyd. We used to watch it together and build the sets. I even put all of the songs on a CD for her we would listen to in the car. We saw the Lego Ninjago Movie when it was in cinemas but we weren't that impressed with the changes it made to the show. Unfortunately, it wasn't shown much on the TV in her hospital room and being mostly alone at home with nobody watching Ninjago made me aware of how much I missed her. She's going to a different hospital soon and hopefully Ninjago will be on the TV there. Smiley Happy