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Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

All good! I forgot I asked too 😛 that is a lot! Let me guess.. you like ninjago sets?

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Not just Ninjago sets, but I freaking love Ninjago! (hence the creation of this glorious thread Smiley Tongue)

The TV show is one of my FAVOURITE cartoons ever!

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

I'll update this thread soon I swear, but for now I thought I would share something very (not really) important! 


I decided to change my profile image from awkward but adorable Jay:


To this dork Kai Smiley Tongue


That is all Smiley Very Happy

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@N1ghtW1ng I have a short story to share with you!

So the other day I was meeting someone for coffee and was way early and thought "hey let's walk around Kmart" (I love Kmart!). So I wanted to explore very aisle and came across the lego section.

I finally saw all the ninjago sets you speak of! There was an entire section of just ninjago- vehicles and all sorts of things! I think you would have been very happy with Kmart's selection Smiley Happy


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Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@Jess1-RO  @N1ghtW1ng  I really should finish making one of those Ninjago sets! My sister, uncle and I started constructing a big one together a few years ago, but we didn't get around to finishing it. I think it's still in my room. They're so fun to make as a group!

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@N1ghtW1ng  I'm watching the new episodes of Ninjago right now! My sister is in hospital and told me that they were on Cartoon Network, so I tuned in too. It's kind of hard for me to understand what's going on because we missed some of the more recent episodes during her illness, so I'm trying to look up recaps at the same time.