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Need friends to chat with?

Hello uhh I’m quite new to it so Idk if I’m doing it right. Well depressing and loneliness is affecting my study which is due on Wednesday. Please don’t ignore me or just tell me to do hobby because I just need a friend to chat with. I feel like that would help me?

Re: Need friends to chat with?

Welcome to RO @Luna_ and thank you for sharing. Feeling depressed and lonely is a difficult experience to move through and it makes sense that it would be effecting your study. 


If you're looking for people to listen and support you then you've come to the right place Smiley Happy I'll tag a few of our members for you so you can get to know some people @sweet_baking @FootyFan26 @Brendos94 @scared01 @N1ghtW1ng @mrmusic @Nightruner23


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Re: Need friends to chat with?

Hey @Luna_ sorry to that your studies that are been affected it sucks when it happens i know that from experience anyway what has been happening in your life you to have depression and loneliness 

Re: Need friends to chat with?

Ohh okay, thank you. I’ll try that. @Erin-RO

Re: Need friends to chat with?

hey @Luna_ Welcome to Reachout I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling lonely and depressed. I'm always online if you'd like to chat. What's currently on your mind at the moment

Re: Need friends to chat with?

Well for depression... I have like since 4 years of depression. It’s because of many reason and one is loneliness, insecure, ignorant people and more. I have two online best friends for like a year and they were like helped me from being lonely and making me laugh. Well I don’t have anyone to chat with anymore. One is busy with life and other is idk I guess we stop being friend. After that I’ve been feeling more depressed and lonely. @Nightruner23

Re: Need friends to chat with?

Oh sorry to hear that we are here for you how have you been looking after yourself @Luna_

Re: Need friends to chat with?

 @Luna_ I'm always here if you wanna chat about how your feeling

Re: Need friends to chat with?

Hey @Luna_ and welcome to RO!


Is there anything in particular you would like to chat about?  There are are fair few people here who have had experiences with depression and loneliness so you've come to the right place Smiley Happy.


Here are some articles that I think you might be interested in:

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Re: Need friends to chat with?

Welcome to RO @Luna_ Smiley Happy Please know that you are not alone, I am kind of dealing with a very similar thing myself.


Have you had a look at some of the links that @FootyFan26 has posted? There's some great stuff there, there is also this thread where some of us like to hang out, as well as this thread for general chit chat. We're always here if you need to have a chat, and thanks so much for posting! I look forward to seeing you around on the forums. Smiley Happy