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Re: Netballllll!

I don't actually follow a league, never really got into watching, although I should.

I've just been playing since I was 8.

Honestly, best sport ever!

Re: Netballllll!

YES finally someone who agrees with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I win, I started netta netball when I was 7 (now called net set go) @Helen - RO


ps just google super netball and pick a team (NOT MAGPIES)

Re: Netballllll!

@Ben-RO this is from the weekend

Clearly you're not the only one to get the players confused. In the last quarter the umpire was clearly warning the NZ WD, but the South African commentators said it was the Aus WD Smiley LOL I think I would do a better job as commentator.


Note: South Africa are going to get smashed tomorrow morning by the Aussies Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy

Re: Netballllll!

I am pretty much convinced even the Umpires don't know all the Netball rules @loves netball!


Maybe you should commentate on netball! You culd make a youtube and a podcast and become a star Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Netballllll!

@Ben-RO I watched the netball at 4am, Diamonds won of course, and the South African goal keeper got sent off for 2 minutes!!

One of the new rules introduced last year was a warning system for persistently infringing the rules. So first is Caution, then an Official Warning, then sent off for 2 minutes (you can't replace the player sent off, but if it's centre, someone else has to change positions to cover centre), then sent off for the rest of the game

Re: Netballllll!

Anyone want to talk about netball with me please?? Smiley Very Happy

Re: Netballllll!

@loves netball all of my knowledge about netball comes from one episode of The Worst Witch where they use magic to win a netball game Smiley LOL 


Which teams are the most competitive at the moment? Is there a certain team that always wins or is there a pretty fair balance between teams?

Re: Netballllll!

The super netball league starts on the 18th... 

Giant vs NSW swifts, Melb vixens vs Magpies (I'm going to that game Smiley Very Happy), Queensland firebirds vs Sunshine coast lightning, Adelaide thunderbirds vs West coast fever

Re: Netballllll!

Wooo netball season! I mean...league?


Hehe west coast fever makes me think the team has the flu. That's probably not very nice of me. Are they good?


Is Super Netball league the same as normal or is it Fast5? 

Re: Netballllll!

Hahaha @Ben-RO 

West coast fever is the Perth team and no they probably won't be good but their GA is.

It's normal netball...

I got my membership on the weekend Smiley Very Happy and a vixens poster for my wall!!