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New Movies!

Hey guys with all the great new movies that have come out over the past couple of weeks I thought it’d be great to have a thread to talk about how we found them.

If you are going to post any spoilers please use the spoiler tags to hide it like so:




I recently just watched the Hobbit which I was really hyped about (big LOTR nerd) but was disappointed as although they kept quite true to the book the plot progression too slow, too much walking and talking not enough swords and axes! The scene which I really enjoyed

was between Gollum and Bilbo as they both try to out riddle each other and your feelings for Gollum begin to change from disgust to hatred to sympathy.



I also saw the trailer for Life of Pi, Wreck it Ralph and Les Miserables while I was there and they looks amazing! So hopefully I’ll get some time to watch them soon.


Anyone seen these yet?

Re: New Movies!

I've seen Life of Pi — it's beautiful. Some early parts of the book seem to have been glossed over or ignored but this didn't detract from the film at all.

If you can see it in 3D and IMAX / AVX / Big Fancy Cinema … do it!

Seeing Les Mis this Wednesday! Really want to see Wreck It Ralph too!

Re: New Movies!

I've seen Les Mis twice now - it's amazing...very deserving of all those golden globes nods! Highly, Highly recommend!

The ending is so sad prepared to cry...especially during  the final song!

Another movie I recently saw was Perks of Being a Wallflower...not at all what I thought it would be...but still a great movie! Emma Watson was great but I kept thinking that Hermione Granger was in the movie Smiley Happy 

The plot twist is surprising! 


Life of Pi was brillant visually but I was a bit dissapointed with the storyline. 


I also went and saw the Intouchables. I don't know if any of you have heard about it but it's a French film which is brilliant! Based on a true story too! It's a very inspiring story so if your looking for something a bit different this is definitley a must. 


But my ultimatle favourite film this summer would be Argo. Go see it...once again based on a true story. 



P.S - No wonder I'm so broke. Smiley Sad

Re: New Movies!

Ooooh Movies. I recently signed up to Hoyts on their reward program and each week they have a $10 movie and on Mondays for students there is a $7.50 movie deal! So I am going to see a lot of movies recently.


I saw Pitch Perfect, which was awesome. But I like singing so that's probably why I enjoyed it. It's pretty much a chick flick but if you like Glee you'll love it.


I also saw Parental Guidance. Which is pretty much a kids film but with some funny adult jokes. I'm a bit of a laugher in films and I think sometimes people are laughing at my response rather than the film. But this film was ok for a bit of entertainment value.


I'm saving up a couple of free tickets I've got to go see Les Mis and Life of Pi... except I am a book fan and I can't bear to see a film if there is a book version. I must read the book first!

Re: New Movies!

@Atma I know how you feel re: seeing a movie that comes from a book. I have a similar but different thing which is that once it's been made into a movie, I really don't want to read the book. I particularly don't want a copy of the book that has the cover of the movie on it. For some reason it just ruins it for me. Apparently Life of Pi is really good though, so worth following through with reading it first.


I recently saw two movies: one good, one bad.


First I saw Liberal Arts which was really good! It has Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's sister in it (I'm sure she'd rather not be remembered through that association but that's my only point of reference) and Zac Efron (who plays an unexpected role) and is all about becoming and adult and learning what it means to be mature and grown up. It's a bit art-housey but not too much and the acting in it is brill. 4 stars from me, David.


Second I saw Hitchcock and it was terrible! It has some brilliant actors in it like Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins but the storyline was weak as. I just think they didn't put as much thought into it as they could have. Would be interested to hear other people's thoughts on it though....

Re: New Movies!

I've been meaning to see Hitchcock. After studying his films for an entire semester at uni, I feel qualified to judge it Smiley Happy


Re: New Movies!

I've seen a lot of movies lately, but I cannot remember any of them because




has overpowered them all. I've been listening to the soundtrack all day everyday.


Looking back though, it's a very dramatic story that stems from a very small event....


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And still, I rise.

Re: New Movies!

I just watched Gangster Squad a few days ago. Can't say that it's a good movie but was enjoyable nonetheless. But what I really loved about the movie was how much detail they put into the characters' costumes. Can't wait for Django Unchained to come out; been hearing good things about it.

Re: New Movies!


Re: New Movies!

I've seen so much lately, I've seen Pitch Perfect which wasn't to bad, Parentel Guidence which was pretty funny!, Wreck It ralph - funny also, This is 40 which isn't to bad Smiley Happy