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New member

Hi everyone, I'm a new member. I hope this is the appropriate place to post otherwise admins/moderators, feel free to move it just let me know please.


I was wondering if anyone would like to chat, just about anything? I have a question or two that I'll post in a seperate thread as not to confuse anyone here.


I don't have any hobbies, I just colour in books sometimes or play Happy Colour which is a free Colour By Numbers app on my iPad, walk my Dog daily, listen to music, stuff like that. I'm an only child, just my parents and I. I'm 20 by the way.


I live in a small country town so as much as I've tried everything (even applied for Centrelink but got rejected, sigh), it's difficult to get a job, meet people, etc here. I went to Headspace as that's the only thing around for young people here and that was traumatic, since I can't say too much here.


I saw a new GP today and she's good, so hopefully things are better with her than my previous  GP who is just hopeless in so many ways (won't prescribe me antidepressants, has no knowledge of them and Medicare, or just anything at all). I have a Psychiatrist on Skype who is great and I'm happy with him but I only see him once a month because of his busy work and personal life schedule, but I understand. I'm just thankful I can see him at all really.


I want to ask him if I can try to see him more often but I don't want to sound pushy and demanding. I already feel like a burden which I told him and apologised for and he said "you're not a burden, that's my job" in a kind, reassuring way with a smile. But I still feel that way.


I'm not sure what else I can do, I've tried everything hence me joining the forums. I've been on the SANE & Beyond Blue Forums too. I also chat to Lifeline & websites like that when I can. Other than that not much really because I've tried a lot of things.


So anyway, enough of me rambling and venting, my apologies. If anyone wants to chat then I'm here for anyone or just to say hello, either way I'm fine with talking to people if anyone is interested. No pressure to reply though although I'd appreciate it if people responded even if it's just a quick hello.




Re: New member

Hi @musicfan_xo, welcome to the forums!


Re: New member

Hi @Tiny_leaf , thank you!


How are you? x