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Hey, i'm new here, looking to get to know some of you guys Smiley Happy

Re: Newbie

Hey @Krizzy


Welcome to the forums I hope you enjoy them and get to join in on the fun Smiley Happy 


Here are the guidelines and emergency tab just to familiarize yourself with. 


The games are really awesome and interactive, everyday life stuff is pretty great too and very positive. 


If you are free tomorrow night, we have Getting Real session where everyone chats about a particular topic, share views and that sort of thing which is cool its from 8-10pmAEST so come join in, the topic is RUOK day: How to ask, How to help.


See you around and dont be afraid to ask any questions Smiley Happy 

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Re: Newbie

Hi @Krizzy, welcome to Reachout! 


@ruenhonx pretty much covered all the bases, but I just wanted to say hey and hope to see you around the forums Smiley Happy

Re: Newbie

Hey @Krizzy!


Welcome to ReachOut! Awesome to have you here Smiley Happy


@ruenhonx has just about covered everything that you would need to know about R.O, haha. You can also introduce yourself to our community here

Stay excellent

Re: Newbie

Hello @Krizzy, we're both new here Smiley Very Happy See you around! Smiley Happy

Re: Newbie

Welcome @Krizzy and also @Autumn! I'm relatively new here too and I've found that starting new forums, asking questions and tagging others jasmine really helped me get to know the space! Very excited to hear more from you as you settle in Smiley Happy Anyway, do you guys have pets? Whats your fave movie! On more.. Favourite food Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Newbie

Hi @Craycray17, thank you for the warm welcome. Smiley Happy
I don't have pets but I wanted to have a puppy. They're sooo cute. Smiley Happy Let's talk about food, I love them. I love to cook and eat them. Hehehe My favourite is any Chinese food, how about you?

Re: Newbie

I love Chinese food! I always get it for a nice treat Smiley Happy my favourite food though is probably my nonna's lasagne, a little taste of Italy!
we are what we repeatedly do - aristotle

Re: Newbie

welcome to the forum @Krizzy !

see you around Smiley Happy

Re: Newbie

Hey guys,


I'm new here too! Can't wait to get to know you all!


Cat Very Happy