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Par Oympicans


The Par Oympican I feel is good topic to discuss as I admire their grit and determination to win and keep going even if they didn't win. Sometime I think some of our abled bodied Olympic people should take a leaf from their book!


Some of them are missing limbs and wheelchair bound or blind still keep trying although the odd are against them in a way. Some of our current athletes seems act like spoilt brats, act as thou the world should go around them! ie: Hackett who smashed his flat up and his wife!


I am firmly against domestic  violence and too often we use drinking too grog as a excuse! I am wondering why is so in fashion to drink and get drunk these days? But some those Par Olympic people got some the qualities we can learn off them, but why are the shunned when they do their sport?


We see the able bodied Olympics on telly, but we hardly hear a peek of the par Olympics people on the telly. Something wrong there along the line..... Why is this so?


Just because they got  artifical limbs or wheelchair or blind why are they always pushed away as thou the are some freak? These people get treated very poorly where ever they go. I hope one day this will is appalling.


I am in the group and I wear two brace one my legs and a splint and I get so many stupid looks from people and some like push us around as thou we are second rate people!


I'd like hear some of your point of view about this topic......cheers.

Re: Par Oympicans

I totally agree with you on everything. The Para Olypians, i think, are more athletes than the 'normal' athletes. They train harder and - for some people- have to get over emotional barriers and accept their disability as part of who they are. Para-olypians are my inspiration.

I loved the ad for the London Para-olympics, "Thanks for the warm up" - it was classic!

Re: Par Oympicans

I loved wheelchair rugby! Not only is it harder than it looks, but we're one of the best teams in the world! Smiley Happy The rude thing about the Par-Olympics, is that they have to pay their own way- unlike the able bodied athletes!!

Re: Par Oympicans

The funny thing is, our Paralympics team totally rocked on the medal tally, whilst unforunately our Olympic team went downhill, what does that say about people with a handicap? They have to try harder to get to the same destination and in the journey, they achieve more!

Re: Par Oympicans

About the Par Oympicans I feel they deserve more then they get, as in other countries, the diffrences of able and disabled is wider.....Some countries treat them very badly.


As they with the strong frame of mind they have,they could out do a number  able bodied people in the same sport.I dream of a day when we can go out without having those nasty stares and the scornful comments made behind our backs![I may not be alone dream this]