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Passing Time

Hey all, New thread about passing time, and what you do to pass it.

So please, no need to be nervous, its all cool here on Smiley Wink

Re: Passing Time

I'm a professional procrastinator! Here's some of the things I do to pass time: play with my kitten, go for walks (usually in the national park/s near my house), write letters to friends and post them, clean my house, bake, watch tv series, go driving, hang out at the river/beach, reorganise my books, paint, visit friends for cups of tea and chats, spend hours on wikipedia clicking links and ending up in a wiki black hole, research things I'm interested in...

Re: Passing Time

I too seem to be really, really good at procrastinating. I spend time with my dog, browse websites, daydream...

Re: Passing Time

@gail - Oh the wiki black hole. I've found myself there many times.

I find it really difficult to just pass time. I get all restless and feel like I'm not being productive enough. And then I end up with giant to-do lists to make me feel productive, but then get tired and crash. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, when I let go of these funny notions of productivity, some of the things I like to do are bake, knit, go for walks, draw, catch up on shows I missed online, do crafty things like weaving or sewing, write blog posts, look at places I'd like to travel then search hypothetically for airfares, do some gardening, think, take photos...

Re: Passing Time

If it's winter and at night, I go stand in front of the heater to warm up as a procrastination tool Smiley Tongue Otherwise play guitar, walk around the house, bake, look up recipes that I probably won't end up trying (eg. how to make feta cheese, when I have some bought cheese in the fridge), and watch catchup TV.

Re: Passing Time

I'm really at bad at "relaxing" and feel unproductive like Georgie. Even if a movie is on I get restless and look around the room at washing I should be folding or the kitchen that needs cleaning up etc. I feel like this has gotten worse over the years as I use twitter, instagram, facebook and they're not great for one's attention span as you always feel like there's something else worth checking. *Terrible* habit. I stopped using facebook a lot in April and felt a lot better for it Smiley Happy


I think interests/hobbies are those great things you can do where you're focused & enjoying it and not distracted. Reading is on the list but I don't do it enough...


I don't browse wikipedia (clever way to pass time) but I love Quora, do you ever look at that? Fascinating... 



Re: Passing Time

If I'm feeling lazy and want to relax for a bit doco's are the way to go!


Googe SBS documentaries if your interested. They have a very good variety of interesting topics although the videos only stay up for about 2 weeks.


I only recently watched on called 'How to Mend a Broken Heart' which was about the complexities of the heart and how people have gone about fixing it in various ways. Really eye opening to see how far medicine has come and its great potential future!


Also else you can watch for comedy and interesting analysis of the olympic games is 'gruen sweat' which you can watch on the ABC website. 

Re: Passing Time

I feel like I always need to be doing something productive. But my definition of productive changes as frequently as Sydney's weather.

I too like to make lists. I am the queen of lists. To do lists, shopping lists, pro/con lists, you name it, I do it!


I love to read, I read a lot of fiction as well as my coursework for uni and research. I like to exercise so I'll often go for random long walks or for a run to clear my mind. I love to spend time with my dog, but unfortunately I don't live with her anymore so the visits have to be somewhat planned in advance. Cleaning is one of my vices. Once I start cleaning, I don't stop until the whole apartment is perfect. Same sort of thing with organising.


Re: Passing Time

Hey all,


@Emily J - yes, i too am a procrasticleaner! My house is always tidiest around exam time or other busy times!


Lately I've spent an embarrassing amount of time streaming tv shows on the internet... this weekend has pretty much been a 30 Rock marathon (LOVE Tina Fey!!).


I have even considered writing 'mindless procrastination' on my to do list... at least then I could actually cross something off that i've done!!

Re: Passing Time

@AllyEm - I think you made a really good point about facbeook/twitter/instagram etc and attention span. Constantly being connected online doesn't necessarily make me feel connected (to the world), so sometimes it's nice to just turn it all off and go for a walk Smiley Happy

@supersky - I love that you look up elaborate recipes - that sounds like something I would do too!

@louloubelle - Love the idea of adding 'mindless procrastinating' to your to-do lists!