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Pet therapy

Hey guys,


My cat is happily sitting on my lap as I hang out in the forums tonight and I was just wondering if other people find that having a pet (or pets) helps them stay up and in a good mood?


Some people say that their cat or dog can sense when they are in a good mood, but I think my cat actually helps me because she is always completely oblivious to my worries. She doesn't know or care if I have had a bad or a good day, or if I have just had an arguement with my partner or whatever. But for  some reason her obliviousness to my problems has the effect of making me laugh and not take myself too seriously. 


Do you have the same experience - or do you think your pet knows when you are feeling down? Maybe I need to get a cat with greater emotional intelligence!





Re: Pet therapy

My dog means the world to me and I honestly credit him with saving my life in my darkest moments. There were many times in the past when I've been very upset, feeling very alone, and some instances where I've been very close to hurting myself... but I always remembered that I had this beautiful dog sitting outside my bedroom window and that he loved me.

These days just having him in the same room as me when I am feeling down, helps me feel less alone and picks my mood up a bit.

He isn't the most cuddly dog (he is a labrador, so not a lap dog!) but he will let me rest my head on him at times and I think he does pick up when I'm in a good mood and when I need a bit of extra comfort. He will always let me hug him too (unless he's in a particularly playful mood!). It also picks my mood up when I see him so happy when I throw him a ball - he is ALWAYS in the mood for playing!! Another benefit is that seeing him makes me feel guilty for not walking him so I get more regular exercise (exercise = endorphins = happy chemicals!).

I think pets are amazing for improving mental health - I know SO many people whose pets mean the world to them and help keep them going. I really think more research should be done to determine the full benefits!

Re: Pet therapy

Benny, I'm sorry to break this to you but you have to remember that a cat is a cat, It'll be extremely hard to find one with an emotional intelligence. Cats are the companions that see you as little more than a servant whose emotional needs don't matter as long you're serving them.

If it makes you feel any better the only dog I currently have acts slightly cat like in that way; if I was crying I suspect all he'd do is look at me oddly and stay away.


Anyway, I do agree. Each pet I've had (including him with his indifferent compassion) have been giant positive factors in my wellbeing. Just the general companionship has been so important to me.

They were often one of my reasons to live.

My dogs have taught me that I can be cared about, wanted, needed, loved, change lives and most importantly, make a very good comfortable substitute for furniture.



Re: Pet therapy

My cats are adorable, and not so cat-like at all, they're such smoochy, cuddly love-bugs <3

I honestly couldn't be without them. They seem fairly oblivious to my moods too (the cat we had growing up always knew if I was sick or down) - but they're always around for cuddles no matter what Smiley Happy

Re: Pet therapy

Thought I will break the cat-theme with guinea pigs Smiley Tongue


Pic: Father and Son (Spinach and 'to-be-named') 

Re: Pet therapy

I like to hug my dog when I'm feeling lonely, upset or down. And then he licks my entire face when I cry- he seems to like the taste of my tears lol

Re: Pet therapy

oh they're cute, Doris Smiley Very Happy

Re: Pet therapy

i credit both our family dogs as my champions and guardians, both have now passed on unfortunetly, both large dogs not lap dogs (but it didn't mean they didn't try!) 

our first was a border collie cross, and we had had him in the family for years ( i think i was 1 when we got him?) and he lived to the ripe old age of 13. very quiet dog would hardly bark or growl and loved cuddles.


our second and only just recently passed was a german shepard cross who became my lap/bed buddy every thunder storm she seamed to have a sixth sense (pretty sure every animal does this, but she had a knack for it, does anyone leses pets do this?) for when i was feeling blue and would just sit near me and watch me. our do the "pay attention to me" look or spaz out and find something of mine she could steal, (toys, blankets, headphones, socks etc) and later return in the "now i have your attention" look . this is her here


its been hard to find a dog to keep me company as i live in a rented house, heres hoping i can get a new freind soon. 

Re: Pet therapy

I miss my cat terribly now that I have moved out of home, but I have a pet lizard and he really can light up my day. Just his mere presence on a bad day. It really helps.

I want to get a dog and cat so badly...but as I'm renting there is no chance of that anytime soon. For now I have to adopt my friends ones!

Re: Pet therapy

Totally agree!


I just got a pet Rat and he makes me terribly happy all the time.


I actually got him because I wanted a pet to increase my happiness and there have been studies saying that pets can help people suffering with mental illnesses.