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I haven't seen a thread like this yet!! Everyone should introduce your pets!!


This is Remy. She's a purebred German Shepherd and shes a complete princess. She likes to eat hotdogs and carrying things around. She always looks very sad or worried, like she knows a disaster is coming but she can't tell us. 



I love animals and I'd love to see everyone else's nonhuman family ^_^

Re: Pets!!

Hey @ivory is Remy your pooch? She is beaaaautifullllll.

Re: Pets!!

Happy to share my two fellas. Little white maltese: Nash. Big chubby Bear/Blue Heeler: Louie Smiley Very Happy

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." Josh Billings


Re: Pets!!

Great thread @ivory! Your doggies are so adorable, as are yours, @Bree-RO! Also, are those your tattoos? Pretty cool!




This is my dog, George. He's a 6 year old labarador and he loves food almost as much as he loves his family. Unfortunately he weighs more than me so I can't take him for walks, but he loves cuddles and so do I, so that works out well! George

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Re: Pets!!

Introducing the little rascal that runs our house, Snowy

Snowy is our 8 year old Jack Russel Terrier. Theres a saying that often goes with Jacks, they're "a big dog in a little dogs body"

Pretty much the case with her, she thinks she can take on anything (except for thunder, thats got her beat : )

She doesn't like baths, which is unfortunate, because she is always getting herself dirty!

She doesn't like cuddles, but loves people, content to just sit next to you.


Re: Pets!!

So jealous of all your awesome pups haha Smiley Tongue

Re: Pets!!

This has to be one of my favourite threads! sooo many cute pups :') 

Here is my dog, Bailey - he is a cavalier x poodle and just turned 6 last month. He is such a little cutie, but can be naughty with stealing socks and also ripping up any tissues that he finds! But then he just looks at you with those eyes and it's hard to be mad hahaSmiley Very Happy 



Re: Pets!!

Brilliant thread!

This is my Dakota and she is 9 years old! yep thats right shes 9, but she is basically a forever puppy. She's a chihuahua X pomeranian and I've had her since she was 7 weeks old. Shes my best friend in the entire world, goes to bed with me when I do, wakes up with me when I do and waits by the window for me to come home when I'm gone (she recently did this for four days straight when I moved to the UK for a semester abroad). She loves to play with squeaky toys, go for walks and play with my one year old nephew!

Re: Pets!!

Nawww so many cute doggies! Smiley Very Happy


This is Millie, my 2 year old Staffy. She loves to show off her toys to everyone she meets, and when she's excited she "talks" to us through playfully growling Smiley Tongue she's also mastered the sad puppy-dog eye look when she wants food/attention (as you can see in the second photo). I couldn't imagine my life without her <3





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Re: Pets!!

Someone will have to remind me to get photos later, but my two puppy dogs and two birdies (plus one cat who is technically my bro's Smiley Tongue) are the sweetest, naughtiest, messiest, noisiest and craziest pets around (in that order too. Smiley Tongue) And I love them all. Smiley Happy

Plus, I love seeing photos of all your pets! They are the absolute cutest pies I've ever seen! After my own, of course Smiley Very Happy

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