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Re: Random questions


Hahaha, when I was a kid, I wanted that too Smiley Tongue

For the scariest movie? Even though I have not seen it yet, only the trailer so far, I have to say 'Sinister' is the scariest Man Mad

Re: Random questions

I'd live on a farm. Far, far away from everyone. In a farmhouse, starting a family with a man whom I truly love and raising our children together. Taking care of the animals and just enjoying all the beautiful nature the world has to offer. 


Next Question:

Which chore do you absolutely hate doing? 

Re: Random questions

I’ll be honest with this one, because it’s generally true for most people.

I absolute hate cleaning my room. It’s always a mess, but I prefer it that way. It’s like organised chaos basically!

That’s a pretty cool place to want to live @jasmine12345678! I think my sister would love your idea for a home.

Do you have any pets? And if so, what kind of pet? If not, what would your dream pet be?

Re: Random questions

omg same I hate cleaning my room too haha so I totally get you!!!


yes I have a dog named toffey (yes with a 'y' in the end bahah) and he's a cavoodle and I love him so much <3


next question: who is your fav artist (music) and why do u look up to them?

Re: Random questions

Ooh~ nice question @ruthxx!

I don’t really know...
Probably Billie Eilish, because she makes some pretty good music, especially Lovely. She has such a sweet voice, and I love making harmonies and melodies to go with her songs. I don’t really know why I look up to her though...

What’s your current favourite song?

Re: Random questions

Yeah, it's such a nice place to grow up or even raise my own kids one day in. ahah i'm a dreamer. 


And totally. if i'm being honest all cleaning sucks, but i do quite enjoy taking down the laundry from the clothing line... no clue why Smiley Very Happy


I don't have any pets but i'd love to have a dog. Any dog that's cute and fluffy Smiley Happy)))) 

Re: Random questions

Somebody to Love by Queen

I have this song stuck on replay all the time. I just love freddie mercury's voice man, idk what it is about it but i just love his songs- especially this one. 


next question- 

do you think that aliens exist? if so, please provide an arugment suggesting why or why not.

Re: Random questions

hey, jasmine12345678

an interesting question I have always thought about if aliens exist or not.


I do think that aliens exist. The universe is massive and we are only a small part of it. So I think somewhere out there is another living being, living just like we are and to us they are aliens. I also think it's cool to think about the fact that we are not the only beings, there could be another group of beings like us on another planet and maybe even in another galaxy. 


I would love to hear your response to this question  Smiley Happy




Re: Random questions

That's a good question,
I do believe aliens exist because... well... Like what @H2463 said, there's billions of galaxys out there and we cannot be the only living beings in a galaxy, there's just no way. If we found traces of other living beings out there that would be great! Not like that thing some time ago about the raiding Area 51, I found that a big joke thingo. Anyway I love aliens and I do believe they exist.

Here's another question ~ What are some challenges you think the next generation will face?

Re: Random questions

Climate change and mass animal extinction Smiley Sad. I went to the aquarium yesterday and as stunning as it was sometimes I feel ashamed to be human amongst fellow humans who are destroying the planet. It makes me so sad that animals we know today might not even be around in as little as a decade. Smiley Sad
I have such faith in recent generations, though, and if enough people speak up about it that's how change happens.

If you could pitch an idea for a movie, what would it be about?