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Re: Random questions

Nice question @Hozzles!

I guess about the problems that teens go through everyday, that are realistic, and not just a stereotypical one. Real life bullying, real depression, real friendship failures, and how much all of this can impact on one person, if the other doesn’t know about it. Even just having family problems can put so much stress on others. It isn’t fair, and people around the world should know about it.

Another idea, would have to be about 3rd world problems. I hate hearing and seeing the poverty and filthyness of the poor countries, and I want to see a change. Maybe a movie would help sort out the problem?...

Have you ever played truth or dare? If yes, what was the best/worst dare you have ever done?

Re: Random questions

@Craycray17 I don't believe in "aliens" the stereotypical green coloured creatures, yet God has created this entire planet and i doubt the species on earth were the only things he created. I believe there is some sort of species out there- it could be a plant or a type of animal. There has to be another living thing out there somewhere. This entire world is too huge for the creatures on earth to be the only living things in this solar sysytem.

Re: Random questions

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I totally agree.

I've played truth or dare and it's actually my favourite party game along with never have i ever. The worst dare would have been to lick a rubbish bin ( i never back down from a dare ) and the best dare i've ever recieved was to eat a spoon full of chilly. yes i know this sounds retarted but i honeslty looooove spicy foods and chillies. My mouth was burning afterwards tho so a bit of regret there lol


next question:

 What food is delicious but a pain to eat?

Re: Random questions

That’s pretty cool @jasmine12345678!
I like sweet chilly sauce, but I probably won’t eat anything else. Unless it’s Indian food, because that tastes awesome. Mmm.... Butter chicken.... Smiley Happy

I would have to say that Fish n chips is my answer...
It really depends if I’m in the mood for it or not. Sometimes it’s just too salty, or I just love it.

Q. Have you ever had mail that isn’t yours? Hard copy, like a letter.

Re: Random questions

I have but have always returned it too the owner!!


Q: What was your first word?

Re: Random questions

no - was my first word.





Whats your favourite car



Re: Random questions

omg. i swear we are on the same wavelength. Ive been researching more and more about Social Sustainability 

im hoping to convince my parents to have more Hanging Plants

around the house. I guess its a start to helping climate change.


I guess that would be my movie pitch.. the youth of today fixing the environment

Re: Random questions

@liveforour welcome to the forums! Smiley Very Happy That's awesome that you're doing your research and looking to get involved!


@Hot_Spanner welcome to the forums as well! Smiley Very Happy I'm not really a car person (barely know brands etc) so I'm not sure. I really like vintage cars and anything unique looking!



What was the last stuff toy you got (as a gift or purchased!) 

Re: Random questions

What was the last stuff toy you got (as a gift or purchased!)


I got a Jake the dog (from Adventure Time) from one of my best friends when she moved to Melbourne, while I stayed in Sydney. She has Finn at her house Smiley Happy




What living thing would you want to be reincarnated as and what would your sole purpose be?

Re: Random questions

A sloth would be nice. Or maybe a big cat. OR A DRAGON! (does it need to be a real thing? Smiley Tongue) My sole purpose would be chilling out, with no responsibilities aside from eating and sleeping and having fun. Because responsibilities suck.

Do you like collecting things? What collections do you have/would like to have?